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Japanese media analysis of the first half of 2016 foreigners visit the crime Chinese most Sohu News Reference News Network October 9 news media said, as of October 8th, the Japanese National Police Agency data (provisional value) from January 2016 to June, Japan’s national police investigate the foreigners visit (excluding permanent residents) the number of crimes was 6776, an increase of since 198, growth of 3%. And the number of 4825 people, down 19, a decrease of 0.4%. According to the "Japanese economic news" website reported on October 9th, 1980, the Japanese National Police Agency statistics began in six months as a unit, foreigners who commit crimes peaked in 2004 24 thousand and 487, since 2010 the number of crimes tend to be stable. Investigate the largest number of 10 thousand and 800 people in 2005, since 2011, the number remained stable. Reported that, by nationality, and the first half of 2016 the criminal case to China people most, reached 2126, followed by 1515 Vietnamese. Judging from the number of criminals, China is 1553 people, Vietnam for the people of 1020. In both the number of crimes and the number of crimes, both countries have more than half. In all cases, 4410 cases of criminal cases, an increase of up to 141. Among them, 45 reduction in theft, down to 2781, accounting for the whole of the 63.1%. Murder and other vicious crimes to reduce 4, down to 74. Fraud and other crimes increased by 57, up to 308. 2366 cases of violations of special law, illegal immigration and other violations of the law on the administration of entry and exit and refugee determination increased by 63, up to 1555. Illegal drug crime increased 5, up to 270. According to the analysis of the different types of crime after the crime, all 2781 theft crimes, Vietnam for 877. 42 robberies, Vietnam accounted for up to 16, were the most.  相关的主题文章: