Japanese media Japan to strengthen cooperation with the Diaoyu Islands to intercept the fishermen dr win7codecs

Japanese media: Japan for the Diaoyu Islands to strengthen cooperation on the island fishermen drill intercepts – Sohu News Reference News Network reported on November 14th Japanese media said the Japanese government related sources, the police, coast guard, guard the first three departments for illegal possession of weapons fishermen landing events in Islands held a joint training. According to Japan’s "Tokyo news" reported on November 13th, and he has not yet reached the country war but by police and coast guard to deal with the gray zone situation, the three departments will cooperate to confirm. Maritime security and maritime self defense forces have carried out training on the situation, but this time because the stage into a Islands, so the police were invited to carry out training together. Reported that the China official ship "violation" of the territorial waters of the Diaoyu Islands have been normalized, though it says "training is not country specific and place", but the three Department’s goal is to strengthen cooperation to improve the situation for the Diaoyu Islands, actively import marine Chinese coping ability. In the Japanese government in September this year agreed to accelerate the discussion to avoid accidental conflict in the East China Sea defense authorities "air liaison mechanism", the training may be subject to China’s opposition. Government sources said, training in 11 in Kagoshima county is located in Seto, the Amami islands Islands Jiang Ren house held in private, three departments were sent dozens of people in the use of helicopters and Coast Guard patrol boat. The training plan of armed fishermen rushed to Islands by boat, the process is the control of the coast guard boats, after the police deal with the landing of the fishermen, finally received the command order dispatched SDF troops landed in Islands. Reported that China stressed that the Diaoyu Islands is its inherent territory, and repeated violations of Japan’s territorial waters". Police, maritime security department, self defense forces joint training may have an impact on Sino Japanese relations, but there is a strong sense of crisis, the Japanese government believes that the strengthening of cooperation between the three departments indispensable. Government officials pointed out that the East China Sea at any time anything is not strange state". September 2012, Japan will Diaoyu Islands nationalization, the Chinese official vessels continue to infringe the territorial waters of japan. January 2013, Chinese naval vessels to use fire control radar to illuminate the Maritime Self Defense Force frigate, the Chinese army is very active. With the growing tension between China and Japan in the East China Sea, the Japanese government in 2015 to simplify the occurrence of gray state of affairs, issued to the self defense forces order order procedures. According to another government official said, in view of between China and Japan will speed up the discussion of sea and air liaison mechanism to reach agreement, China should avoid excessive stimulation, but continuing diplomatic work at the same time, also need to continue to carry out the training.相关的主题文章: