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Jiang Chao and princess Medina together?! Forced to attempt to become lovers?! Remember the "-" inside a fire began to hang the wretched family of Prince (Jiang Chaoshi)? That’s exactly what he is. So we see you under the cherry tree in the mermaid princess (Medina ornaments) played a bad idea, think in the snow and wild. Unfortunately, the way out at the baths of · on the screen, can’t "get" girl, but privately so close.     even with the residence. (the above pictures from the Internet) Little Yue Yue Barbara is left?. "Attempted rape," the parties actually formed a couple?! City people really play…… I encountered such a gourmet beauty, it is no wonder that "love". Medina is a native of Xinjiang as a woman, so there is a mix of around. The most rare or mixed with a little classical style. Her feeling is just like "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" and "the little princess" inside the fragrant concubine, guzhuangxi inside the western beauty. The Alec Su version of "The Heaven Sword and Dragon Saber" little stills (non Medina) "Huanzhugege" Xiangfei stills (played by Liu Dan) Hey, Medina really played Xiangfei oh! "Medina in the" new My Fair Princess "^ ^ as small shellfish are still no bitch was feeling? Then look at the same as the beauty of Xinjiang, Di Ali Gerba, but she has a more mixed sense of beauty.   so the question is, where is the difference between the two of them? Medina VS Di Ali Gerba mixed feeling has three main features: 1 high 2 high 3 Yamane brow eyes, eye socket deep   Medina and dilly Reba are like this. But they have two different flavors, the individual difference in the nose and eyes. The nose tall, facial features will be more three-dimensional, looks more easily western. Di Ali Gerba’s atrium slightly shorter, so also in the vision will be a rare British woman. Medina’s nose is a rare woman with a hanging nose. But this "big nose" with relatively short wide face, it seems a little soft, charming, it kind of western ancient charm. Of course, wide short face also doomed Medina won’t have the coulee nuozha Xian qi. However, Medina in the film "-" before the nose and nasal nasal base seems to be more generous, this is not what is the secret?! In addition to the nose, Di Ali Gerba and Medina have a big difference between the eyes. Di Ali Gerba’s eyes eye fissure, belongs to the slender eyes; while Medina’s eyes are almond eye circle eye partial class. These two kinds of glasses with the former more charming, more heroic spirit nose, modern sense came out; and the latter is more gentle, more in line with the classical aesthetic Oh ~ out of Xinjiang beauty more than Maddie? Liyan Tong, Guli Nazha (please note that Re Yizha is in live beauty, but she was born in the North)相关的主题文章: