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Jiangmen has a big move! The World Youth Congress Jiangmen trade to 7 billion yuan investment in the afternoon of September 22nd, the world club held investment environment and tourism scenery exhibition opening ceremony and the signing ceremony of the project. Deng Weigen and other leaders and guests witnessed the signing. Exhibition opening ceremony "after the early efforts and actively raise, the youth will promote trade and investment of 7 billion yuan (including 1 billion yuan investment, trade 6 billion yuan). The five batches of 12 cooperation projects in the signing ceremony, including cooperation project investment cooperation and trade cooperation, trade and investment on behalf of the Jiangmen tourism overseas promotion center in many aspects, including the First Affiliated Middle School of Huazhong Normal University Jiangmen school project, new hope health investment industry development (Guangdong) Limited Project etc.. I will set up new city in the UK, Australia, Brazil, the 3 "Jiangmen international economic and Trade Office, the scene of the foreign representative offices and signed for the Representative Office awarded a plaque. The site also carries on the Jiangmen Tourism Information Center for the promotion of project contract, I will be in the United States of Losangeles and Malaysia to set up Tourism Information Center for the promotion of tourism, strengthen exchanges and cooperation in Jiangmen overseas promotion, enhance the international visibility and reputation of Jiangmen tourism. For better preparations for the world club, I will also set up youth Liaison Division, the active site for "youth Liaison Division" awarded a plaque. The signing ceremony "on the morning of September 23rd, the fifth session of the world club business matchmaking site, including corporate and household appliances, food, household appliances, building materials and electronics, tourism and other five areas including electromechanical free promotion and docking here. The scene of entrepreneurs to promote their own projects on the stage to Denver in Indonesia, female entrepreneurs in Jiangmen by the world club stage, hard to promote their products to recommend Jiangmen imperial hot spring spa town Kwai peel chairman company responsible person recommend Jiangmen characteristic products of tangerine peel相关的主题文章: