Jiangsu, a fan beating Shanghai fans surrendered confession has been detained ricky lee neely

Jiangsu beat Shanghai fans of self confessed fans have been detained Express News (correspondent Ning Gongxuan reporter Gu Yuansen) in late September 21st 6, in the FA Cup Jiangsu Suning team and Shanghai Shenhua team before the game, Shanghai Shenhua fans Huang Jiangsu Suning fans containment, beaten, after the forensic Department of minor injuries. The Nanjing police continuous work, illegal suspects Wang in 22 surrendered and admitted beating Huang fact. In September 23rd, Wang suspicion of affray was legally security detention. In September 21st, Shenhua fans Huang in Nanjing Olympic Sports Center Suning fans brawl, Huang fell on the ground, some of his fans Suning and Bash with something cuff and kick, his head, Huang only curled up with both hands to protect your head on the ground, there are around the broken egg. In the process, some of the fans on the edge of the cheers. According to Huang said that he and his friends a total of 5 people in about 6 o’clock that night came near the Nanjing Olympic sports center 20 stands. Then with a basket of egg fans in Jiangsu found the 5 Shenhua fans, took the basket egg at them, Huang was picking up glasses by Jiangsu fans kick fell to the ground, then was hit.相关的主题文章: