Jiangsu University for a new dedicated student worry will become a mere formality of anti – Beijing isobuster

Jiangsu University for a new dedicated student worry will form fangpian – Beijing Central Broadcasting Network Nanjing on August 30th news (reporter Hua Jingming Wang Zhida Guo Xiangyu Wu?) China according to the voice of "news" reported that recently, around the students, prospective students telecommunications fraud was the loss of money the frequent cases, Shandong girl Xu Yuyu because of telecommunications fraud was the loss of nearly a million tuition after the sudden death, the whole family tragedy. For a time, telecommunications fraud, personal information security issues become the focus of public opinion. To strengthen the protection of information security is a long-term work, it can in a short period of time to reduce or avoid the occurrence of fraud, more and more people begin to think how to improve the students, and the whole social protection awareness. At the start of the season, freshman is located in Jiangsu Province, Southeast University ushered in the college in the first exam — Safety exam, and the title of this examination more than 60% are related to prevent telecommunications fraud, netizens called fangpian examination". Every student must pass 80 points to be passing, failed to make up. And this year, the Jiangsu province of college freshmen, are required to participate in similar examinations. Does this test work? What do students think? Li Guoping, a freshman at Southeast University, is full of curiosity about the new college life. Let Li Guoping both anticipation and apprehension, is the first test they will face: safety knowledge test. He thinks it’s necessary, I like this new, after I came in, in fact, these things are not too closely, because not too seriously, feel every day in the dormitory or classroom out would not be cheated, so I think it is quite necessary to." The Security Department of Southeast University director Ren Zuping is one of the main organizers of this exam, he told reporters that this is not the first time the examination held annually, exam content will change, "this year has been fifth years, actually every year we will adjust the examination content according to some cases, many students in high incidence the." Reporters visited the part of the examination found that the topic covers a wide range of related to personal aircraft, online shopping, online chat tools and other aspects of information. There is a question of a school wrote: "a girl, after military training, the girls mother daughter received the QQ information is called" very honored to have been selected as the school foreign exchange students, need to pay 20 thousand yuan deposit, please send mother speed account 20 thousand yuan to the school admissions office." How do you deal with this situation? Ren Zuping told reporters that such an example is not imaginary, but the real occurrence in the school 2014 college students who. This year, Southeast University has greatly increased the content of the test to prevent telecommunications fraud. So, 5 years ago, why Southeast University to set up such a test? What is the original intention? Ren Zuping gave us the answers, "we found that just entering college freshmen in safety knowledge, lack of skills, from safety, especially in danger, to deal with some personal safety accidents, self-protection ability is weak." Therefore, from 2"相关的主题文章: