Jiangsu will be long-term care insurance into the social security within 5 years of local pilot (vid tsumori chisato

Jiangsu will be "long-term care insurance into social security within 5 years of local pilot in November 7th, the provincial government announced the" Jiangsu province "in 13th Five-Year" of human resources and social security development plan "(hereinafter referred to as the" planning "). Modern Express reporter noted that one of the series of initiatives in terms of wage income, employment protection, health care, pension and other aspects. Among them, in the social security social security major projects column, put forward to explore the establishment of individuals, governments and other shared financing long-term care insurance system. The basic old-age pension insurance benefits will steadily increase about delay retirement concern, planning specifically mentioned, will further promote the reform of the endowment insurance system, improve the system of personal accounts of basic endowment insurance, disability allowance and survivor policy implementation, the implementation of the state on the implementation of progressive retirement age policy. In the pension insurance, Jiangsu will enhance the level of integration of urban and rural residents basic pension insurance system, in order to set up the city as a unit, and gradually unify the basic pension standards, payment levels and financial subsidies standards. At the same time, will also explore and improve the social insurance base to determine the minimum payment mechanism, the implementation of social insurance subsidy policy, establish a sound mechanism to help protect and actively guide and support the interruption of payment personnel continue to pay social insurance premiums. Continue to take government subsidies, public donations, charitable assistance and other measures to help unemployed adult focus groups, severe disabilities and various disadvantaged groups to participate in social insurance. "13th Five-Year" period, Jiangsu will establish a basic pension, and institutions and urban and rural residents basic pension for enterprise retirees reasonable adjustment mechanism, implementation of the basic pension insurance benefits increased steadily. At the same time, the full implementation of the organs and institutions of occupation pension system, expand the coverage of the enterprise annuity, the implementation of enterprise annuity and occupation pension deferred tax policy, to promote the development of individual savings endowment insurance, the positive development of commercial endowment insurance. The integration of urban and rural medical insurance, improve the major diseases to protect the "13th Five-Year" period, Jiangsu will be the integration of the basic medical insurance for urban residents and the new rural cooperative medical system, the establishment of a unified basic medical insurance system for urban and rural residents. Improve the urban and rural residents serious illness insurance system, and promote the medical insurance agencies and medical institutions, drug suppliers bargaining mechanism, improve the protection mechanism of major diseases. Improve the Medicare sustainable financing and reimbursement adjustment mechanism, improve the medical insurance payment policy, steadily improving financial subsidy standards, outpatient expenses and medical insurance for urban workers, urban and rural residents health insurance policy within the hospital medical expenses reimbursement rates were stable at 80%, about 75%. Nursing insurance to explore long-term care insurance, multi share financing with the acceleration of the aging of the population, disabled elderly care issues become the focus of attention. The Department before the announced pilot started the long-term care insurance system, from 1 to 2 years time the pilot, explore the establishment of social mutual aid, to raise funds for long-term disabled people’s basic life care and medical care is closely related with the basic living security services provide funds or social insurance system. Jiangsu is also clear in the plan to explore the establishment of individuals, governments and other shared funding of long-term care insurance system. In some areas to carry out long-term care相关的主题文章: