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Jiaxing female driver to stop the door to the old life compensation for one million yuan network picture Jiaxing Haiyan 80 girl Xiao He open the door because of parking after accidentally knocked down an old woman. Old woman after she died, the family sued, where small and the insurance company paid nearly one million yuan. In the afternoon of April 7th this year, overcast weather, the small car, driving alone in the sea of salt street. To the destination, the small intends to stop the car, the car has just stopped, open the door for a moment, a sound accompanied by screaming into small ears. Little did he realize that he had hit a man. A look back, a woman with the car battery fell on the ground a few meters away, there is a pool of blood. How small and passers-by rushed to the police, she was rushed to hospital. What little fameng still suffering from the shock the whole person, opinions after hearing the police, realized that he made a big mistake this time. Because of the temporary parking in the place where parking is prohibited, and when the door is blocked by other vehicles and pedestrians, little bear the full responsibility of the accident. It happened too suddenly, but hard again recalls the process where only It doesn’t help the situation. already, actively cooperate with the police. However, shortly after the news came, injured woman after 3 months of treatment, eventually because of his injuries, died. Afterwards, he insured to pay high insurance and commercial insurance of the insurance company paid the medical expenses more than 18 yuan granny. In August 17th this year, old family members sued to Haiyan court, small Ho and the insurance company to compensate the subsequent loss of nearly one million. In the face of nearly one million yuan compensation and may be held criminally responsible dilemma, he and his family are almost collapse. Stop the door of such a commonplace action, actually for themselves and their families to provoke so much trouble, but also because of old families who lost loved ones and sad. Finally, the insurance company paid 1 million 120 thousand yuan old family members, he himself also took 160 thousand yuan one-time compensation to the old family members, to find peace of mind. Driving on the road, the safety is always the first, seemingly ordinary one action is likely to lead to fatal danger, ‘beware of the ship is not unreasonable." Hearing the case, the judge said, in addition, the purchase of strong insurance and commercial insurance, not only for others, but also responsible for their own. It can ensure the compensation for the victims of traffic accidents, and can help to improve the safety of road traffic."相关的主题文章: