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Jiaxing men even more than 10 pieces of a night of the license plate is not for money but because of his wife in life, there is always a bad mood, not happy, then you will use what way to vent it? Is crying? Is hard to exercise? Is k song for Mic king? But some people are…… One night, more than a dozen cars have been the license plate, and some were bent on the car, and some were unloaded into the grass. Recently, Jiaxing, Xiuzhou police through video surveillance captured the name of the license plate suspects. In the morning, who lives in Xiuzhou District Youchegang Township chenjiaba District Liu is preparing to drive to work, found himself parked in the area outside the Buick car license plate disappeared after the plate is bent to pry. After careful observation, found a few private cars before and after the license plate was also varying degrees of bending and damage. Xiuzhou police received a report immediately launched an investigation, a man suspected of committing the crime personnel to escape Chen Jiaba Youchegang direction of video analysis, on the surrounding check found a consistent physical characteristics and video monitoring in a man, then immediately arrested in Nanhu District arrested the suspect Wang Yu Xin zhen. After understanding, Wang has been working in Jiaxing area. I quarrel with my wife, the mood is bad, want to vent." According to Wang explained that night, he quarreled with his wife, a bad mood to drink wine. Go home after chenjiaba farms, see a lot of cars parked on the roadside, in order to vent, came up with the hand off a car license plate, license plate and free throw on both sides of the road. According to statistics, Wang a total of 12 car license plate. At present, the license plate has been fully recovered, and Wang has been Xiuzhou District Public Security Bureau administrative detention according to law.相关的主题文章: