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Jingdong supermarket alliance a lot of big brands, ah, how do you see Tmall? Sohu science and technology said, a few days later, the double 11 will start, simply point, that is, the year of the cat and Dog Wars to start ah. In fact, before the eight sister also said that Jingdong and Tmall from a month ago, you have come to my arms race. The eight sister also heard that the business will also be the focus of this year’s competition between the two sides, and the competition for the brand is clearly the most important. These two days, the Jingdong released a set of posters is murderous. It is worth noting that, in these posters, there have been a lot of super big brand figure. Hey hey, obviously ah, this is the alliance of many well-known Jingdong FMCG Brand, ready to fight 11. First, a few posters for everyone to see: a simple look, in fact, I think it is Nestle, Mead Johnson, blue moon, L’OREAL, Yili and other big supermarkets and Jingdong said "war". There are close to the Jingdong’s kid said, these brands in 11 so sensitive, and Jingdong supermarket together advertising, it is estimated that our horses, take a variety of marketing focus on Jingdong. Hey, Lenovo Tmall over the years to the shops, the fight for the brand of war, often used to be "one of the election," this time will not? However, there are small pots of friends said, do not think too much, there is no god horse two choose one, but these brands are more inclined to Jingdong supermarket. However, even so, these brands are still very important to the business, and I do not know how the same force this year, Tmall super how to think about it? In addition, eight sister think, Jingdong is actually scheming heavily, so I have a variety of brands and stand together advertising posters. Before the Jingdong loudly said, you folks ah, you can have a long snack ah, do not impulse spending, to rational consumption, also proposed a "good price", "the ultimate service" and "intelligent experience" three measures. Simply put, this is to say that Jingdong, Jingdong, we can really sell the quality and price of the beautiful, delivery service to god horse in place. This sentence is called to listen to the consumer, is a call to the brands to listen to, after all, to cast a lot of advertising to maintain brand image brand manufacturers every year, "quality", may truly say they hearts — well, loss of sellers contribute to sales promotion, but for quick profits have been relatively mature and life essential businesses, perhaps, brand positioning and quality is more important. So, these brands choose Jingdong supermarket is normal. In addition, I think, in the double 11 Jingdong before the supermarket hit these ads are wrong. First of all, this is to tell the internal staff, there are so many cattle break the big brand with Jingdong stand together, we do not be afraid to continue refueling ah! Secondly, so many partners to see so many posters, may think, hey, even what are Jingdong with Mengniu and Yili stand, it seems, I also have overweight Jingdong. Ha-ha。 .相关的主题文章: