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Just released was Tucao: what does U.S.News national university rankings (from the International Journal of micro signal ID:liuxuezazhi U.S.News) released the 2017 national best university rankings in the United States on September 13th. In 13, King noted that the list published, many industry insiders began the strength of Tucao, Tucao most – "list you may not have seen more harmonious: egg yolk, egg yellow is what allows six school, seven school are par, is so. Hard to compete……" Ranking is how to produce? In 2017 U.S.News list of the production process, the staff from more than 1 thousand and 800 colleges and universities where the collection and collation of official data, including lending, college costs, graduation rates, teachers’ salaries and alumni donations and other indicators, the final 1374 universities into the list in 2017. At the same time, in order to reduce the volatility of the year, when the list is also selected reference data in 2015 and 2016. Compared with previous years, the new list of U.S.News and some new elements, in reference to the Carnegie foundation in 2016 February data on American higher education institutions, there are 12% schools in 2017 the list included in the list of more detailed classification. On the other hand, the production of this year’s list also includes more specific details such as class size considerations. U.S.News ranking U.S.News this year’s ranking is based on 7 main indexes of American universities, the undergraduate academic level of reputation, student retention rate, the quality of students, teaching resources, financial resources, graduation rate, alumni giving rate. At the same time, each index has 2-3 specific reference data. Each index in the rankings in the process of making the proportion as shown below: 2017 the nation’s best university before sixty 1      Princeton University (New Jersey) 2 Harvard University (Massachusetts) 3 University of Chicago (Illinois) 3 Yale University (Connecticut) 5 Columbia University (New York) 5 Stanford University (California) 7 Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Massachusetts) 8 Duke University (North Carolina) 8 University of Pennsylvania (Pennsylvania) 10 Johns Hopkins University (Maryland) 11 Dartmouth College (New Hampshire) 12 California Institute of Technology (California Northwestern University (state) 12 scores, professional settings) (Illinois) 14 Brown University (Rhodes Island) 15 Cornell University (New York) 15 Rice University (Texas) 15 University of Notre Dame (Indiana) 15 Vanderbilt University (tian.相关的主题文章: