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Inter.-and-Business-Online The JV Attraction Formula Program is an awesome new opportunity from Andy Hussong that will undoubtedly drastically change the way JV brokers, product owners, product launch managers and affiliate managers create their product launches campaigns and affiliate management programs. Launching in early October 2010, this is a step-by-step strategy developed by one of Inter. Marketing’s to affiliate managers. If you have a product to launch or you’re providing client services as a joint venture broker, affiliate manager or product launch manager, JV Attraction Formula is the holy grail of your business. You may have already heard of Andy Hussong, who has spent the last 5 years as a key player in the multi-million dollar launches of John Reese and Ryan Deiss. However, all you really need to know right now is that opportunities to discover the system used by the industry leaders are like gold dust. So, what can you expect from the JV Attraction Formula Coaching Program? Well, given the high level content Andy offered in his JV Attraction Formula Master Class webinar series earlier this year, you know this program has been carefully crafted. Included in the package is advanced content delivered in high quality videos and audio files along with top quality supplementary materials such as killer templates and brand new killer software, as well as access to Andy’s expertise every step of the way. Interested? Ok, perhaps you’re wondering how you what will benefit and how what you will discover that will take your business to new heights? Well, let me tell you…you’ll find out how the successful, find, train, motivate, and reward affiliates and JV partners by creating an effective affiliate program right off the bat. You’ll learn that your affiliate/JV attraction page should function just like a sales page and finding a good product launch manager is a lot easier than you think! The basic premise behind the JV Attraction Formula and all successful product launches and solid affiliate programs is getting the right system in place. If you remember, John Reese stunned the Inter. Marketing world when he generated over $1,000,000 in sales in a little over 18 hours for a brand new product without spending a cent on advertising. So if Andy Hussong, and the JV Attraction Formula are pivotal with John Reese, you can be sure they will be pivotal for you. To wrap this up, there is an unbelievable chance here to discover the secrets of the successful, to learn what the top level marketers know and to ensure that your next project or launch is the one that takes your business to the dizzy heights that others are enjoying. For product developers, this could be the key to doubling, trebling, or even quadrupling sales. For service providers, this could be your opportunity to impress your clients and make a name for yourself as a leading product or affiliate manager. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: