Knight of the mid season still need to strengthen the squad (video) the lack of depth of converting-9c8996

Knight of the mid season still need to strengthen the squad depth of converting the full version: defending Knight won the documentary review that be remembered for instant sports news September 21st Tencent despite last season’s win, but the new season Knight want defending also need to face a lot of difficulties, in addition to warriors, spurs and other opponents, American basketball expert Aaron salmon that is a big problem in depth they need to pay attention to. If you still need to fill the knight defending strong finals last season, Knight successful comeback at 1-3 behind the case, but in the summer, the Braves got super scorer Kevin Durant, to further improve the squad. But the knight in the extension can only be used to describe the minor, and even can be said to be standing still. This summer, James persuaded Richard Jefferson to continue with the team in the team, but also lost two important substitute, Della Vedova joined the bucks in the offseason, and Mozi Gefu joined the Losangeles lakers. On the surface, leaving two people, is not what it seems especially important thing, after all, in the finals this year at the end of three, they did not appear, but the entire season, they have played an indispensable role. In fact, in the 2015 playoffs, two people are still more important players in the team, especially after the blessing and Erwin injured. This is not to say that Mozgov and Della Vedova will not be replaced, but said at this stage no one knight and better able to replace them. What is more, the veteran Mo Williams has been seriously considering retirement, while JR- Smith today is not with the team agreed to renew the agreement, training camp will open soon, then we may be unable to see the two figure. Of course, this summer by Mike Dunleavy Knight Trading is worthy of recognition, but he and veteran Richard Jefferson’s role is somewhat similar, is a wing player when the team is playing the ball, they will act as the No. 4 player. After Mozgov left, Knight signed Chris Anderson, although the bird championship experience, also know how to play next to James, but he was already 38 years old, the season has just experienced a bad season, he is not the kind of exercise capacity when young. The Cavaliers lack of depth, it seems only hope that Mccrea can stand up to share part of the responsibility. This summer, the summer league, Mccrea has a very good performance. Of course, as the defending champion contender, new season championship, knight has an advantage will be eager to win a championship veteran, and mid season buyout players ideal destination. Take advantage of these opportunities, the knight is still expected to continue to enhance the strength of the team, on the middle of the season, they get Channing Frye, and almost got Joe Johnson. (see) Disclaimer: This article Tencent sports exclusive articles, without authorization, shall not be reproduced, otherwise it will pursue legal responsibilities.相关的主题文章: