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Korean media: Chinese team is expected to the third qualifying group in Asia today has no struggling South Korean media reported Phoenix sports news Beijing time on September 8th, the Korean media on the round of 12 after the 2 round of the situation. This paper believes that the Chinese team can compete in group A third, now the Asian team strength is not obvious, there is no so-called minnows. Korean media that Chinese team real objective now is A group third, with South Korea and Iran got a total of 1 points, especially in the face of South Korea’s 2-3 defeat, scoring 2 goals confidencebegan 0-0 draw with Iran is also very satisfied. Chinese team was inspired by the game against South Korea, although the game was 0-3 behind, but change the offensive after pulled the 2 ball. However, in the game against Iran, the offense is the best defense, saying that the effect is not good, even when you can not attack the Chinese team defense has shaken, the whole machine will be less. Korean media said, China found his offensive positioning in two aspects with the team in Iran, Iran, and South Korea reached the strength gap in the reduced analysis, persuasive, rely on these two games, Chinese team saw the possibilities for the future. If they can beat Syria, Uzbekistan in October, is expected to achieve the goal of third group. Korean media analysis, after two rounds of the 12 season, see in many Asian countries invest heavily in football, the South Korean team alive preliminaries the road more and more difficult, and 4 years ago, the Asian football has been in the average level. The first two rounds of a total of 12 games, 9 games are within the 1 ball gap, the other 3 is the score of 2-0, and the 2014 Brazil World Cup final qualifier, South Korea and Japan are 3 goals or more victory in stark contrast. Now, the Asian team in the relative national investment, youth training under the foot, instead of some teams are from overseas players too much, there is lack of organization variables. For example, the Korean media, such as in the B group in Japan and Australia 4 years ago separated the top two into the Brazil World Cup, most of their players playing in Europe, and the other team meet time distance, but now the UAE turned out, led by Omar the great threat to the front four group, the first game to beat 2-1 in Japan, although the 0-1 away defeat to Australia, but about the competitiveness of both sides. The UAE, which is dominated by the 89-91 age group, has been working with all levels of the game, including the manager who has grown up with them. United Arab Emirates will become Japan and Australia’s competitors. At the same time, Korean media also analyzed, such as Syria, Thailand such a lowly, looks can not be underestimated. For example, Thailand in Saudi Arabia home 0-1 lost, but played the content of the game, the Second World War Japan did not score a big loss. The same is true in Syria. And 4 years ago, Lebanon, Iraq, Oman and other teams, this time, Syria and Thailand can become a situation affecting the team. (Ai Ma)相关的主题文章: