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Kunling exposes young sister often buys Jay Chou CD unexpectedly finally became her husband Kunling and assistant small Phoenix Entertainment News accidental biggest live talk show, Oprah Meng Fei in the face of the child unexpectedly Speechless choke, sweet hot mom Kunling dancing at the scene attracted the audience cheers. Yesterday (September 29th), CO produced by Iqiyi and the prospect of television talk show "the great talent of children’s child" for the second time in Nanjing recording, in addition to high-energy children around the world bring cool show, talk show link bear children of various cold, against Meng Fei leaving the audience laughter. Meng Fei was the "Silence"   hope the kids can give some face coming in late October 15th 8 Iqiyi alone broadcast "the great child" has been recorded in second games, recording the scene, bear children often stunned, not follow the routine play, even if there is a rich experience of the host Meng Fei is also very difficult to withstand. But this is the children’s show the charm of the British small guy came to power after the cool, let a "battlefield" Meng grandfather also had to ask each other "to face", the audience of onlookers on this embarrassing scene, with laughter. In the "you are the one", Meng Fei ridicule men and women guests show a sense of humor, in the children who do not seem to work. In the face of bear children indifferent face, or face…… Meng Fei joked: "humor only 24 female guests at the moment I miss you another program." In the process of recording, a pair of good sisters face suddenly out of control, had a quarrel in Taiwan, sister is crying for thirty minutes. For this kind of often beyond the plan "accident", Meng Fei admitted that this program is quite difficult: "there is a lot of photography, children’s photography and animal photography is the most difficult in the world." Feikun Meng Ling dancing exposes childhood and sister hurt each other compared to the first recorded playful ponytail, Kunling the retro European white shirt collocation leather skirt debut, full Princess fan children. In this variety show that she is feeling a lot, see the face of the sisters "noisy along with the reminder of her childhood and her sister’s relationship. Can not help but exposure than their thirteen year old sister often in her childhood to buy Jay Chou CD, did not expect that now will become her husband, Jay Chou. In the face of children from Xinjiang tap dance group, a ballet foundation Kunling also can not help a Jiyang, see Meng Fei Kunling ready to, called Kunling on site with the children learn together. Just came to power, Kun Ling also point can not let go, Meng grandpa you come together, ah, I jump to appear stupid ah!" "The old driver" Meng Fei: "don’t take that not! So I don’t jump together with you of noble character and high prestige." In addition, "the great child" there are more wonderful talk and cool show, the show will be every Saturday night at eight Iqiyi exclusive broadcast on October 15th.相关的主题文章: