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Laijingrenyuan zhaduier station to do a temporary residence permit limiting (Figure) people zaduier to do a temporary residence permit original title: people get together to do a temporary residence permit police limiting Legal Evening News (reporter Downing Zhao Yingyan Li Xiaoyu) the city since October 1, 2016 the formal implementation of the residence permit system. "Legal Evening News" (WeChat ID:fzwb_52165216) reporters learned from the Beijing police, since October 1st, the city public security organs 346 household registration police station will formally accept Laijingrenyuan to apply for a residence permit in Beijing city; in October 8th, by the public security organs entrusted by the 346 flow of population and housing rental service station for temporary registration Laijingrenyuan, and issued the registration card of residence in Beijing City, it will serve as the Laijingrenyuan declared temporary registration certificate. Scene: people get together to do temporary residence permit police limit the flow of tomorrow, Beijing will formally implement the residence permit system, the city’s household registration police station will stop for temporary residence permit from tomorrow. Today, at 7 o’clock in the morning, Tongzhou District police station in front of someone to queue up to do temporary residence permit, the police station staff just to work at about 9 in the morning, waiting outside the door of the residents of Majuqiao has been lined up over a hundred people. As a result of too many people, the police station had to limit the flow of accreditation, each time only put five people into the hall accreditation, near noon, each time for 1 people. 10 morning, more than 7 points on the line to Mr. Liu third after finishing the temporary residence permit will leave the scene, when he saw a permit team is still increasing. A landlord tenant to do a temporary residence permit, a secondary office more than 10, the handling of other business affected residents. Reporter noted that the police in the rush for you on the scene to maintain order, do not rush to do a temporary residence permit in today, there is no temporary residence permit can also go to the police station in October 8th to live card registration, there will be detailed for the policy notice. Staff residence room said that due to the current line number is too large, is expected before the end of the day to the whole thing. The same situation also appears in front of the police station of Tongzhou District pear. Today, the last day to do temporary residence permits, starting tomorrow to do a residence permit". "I have a temporary residence permit expired, do not do it today after the trouble." "Last night I see the circle of friends know that today is the last day, 8 points to the front but have long queues". Today morning, less than 9 of official work time, Tongzhou District Liyuan police station door has gathered hundreds of people get together to apply for temporary residence permits. Reporters found that rush to the police station to do temporary residence permits are divided into two kinds: one is the temporary residence permit has expired, a temporary residence permit is to expire on the new policy is unknown. 9 in the morning, the police station to Liyuan office, gate lines have been arranged to the street on the road. "How have in front of hundreds of people, a police station rushed to the 8:45 Mr. some worry," I heard one day only to handle 100 people, today to do not how to do". In the face of increasingly long line, starting at 9 police station began the "hair", and that shall be handled in accordance with the order number. To get the number 60 after the police camp相关的主题文章: