Lang Ping awoke to the first crackdown three point statement denounced the so-called open letter (vi peepsamurai

Lang Ping awoke to the first crackdown three point statement denounced the so-called open letter to Lang Ping micro-blog. Tencent sports news Tall trees catch much wind. Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping, the night before August 23rd led back to Beijing today, wake up, the first thing to do is to guide the Lang micro-blog Internet crackdown. There are people in the name of Lang Ping, published an article "Lang Ping in an open letter" on the Internet, there are many extreme and view weird places, Lang Ping first statement of this article is an imposter, she will retain the right to use legal means to pursue the matter. 2016 Rio Olympic Games, Lang Ping led the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the championship, which is the Chinese women’s volleyball team won the third Olympic gold medal. Chinese women’s volleyball team in the final 3-1 victory over the Serbia team in the game, caused a great sensation in the country. In an open letter to Lang Ping, "no country, no home?" In the eight years since I left my country to the United States, I am nothing, not even at all. No country cares day really is not easy, in order to eat dinner, I have to clear the life, identity, to coax a bunch of will not play with the kids, even fighting in the arena with leg injuries. Leave the motherland, I really almost did not. I somehow still world champion of the national team, so we advise those Japanese veterans, veterans, model workers and advanced workers Ironman day, again hard, also don’t leave your country. The open letter also mentioned: I forged in the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games led the American women’s volleyball team beat China women’s volleyball team, let the motherland in a home. Then call me a "traitor" and "traitor" and even "cursed me is an American mother of the Patriots, please do not now be changed to praise me, I don’t deserve it. The name of the author under the guise of Lang Ping, also said: "I asked myself more than once: if in the semi-final against Holland, Chinese team by one point did not enter the finals? Four, although it is a historic breakthrough China women’s volleyball ten years, but people across the country will buy it as like today? If so, my life is not, will never be rewritten by chance?" Chinese women’s volleyball coach Lang Ping sent this afternoon, micro-blog clarified: last night, finally returned to Beijing, thank you for the warm welcome. Wake up WeChat exploded again, an "Lang Ping’s open letter" accident, friends have to ask whether I wrote. Carefully read the contents of the letter, I made three statements: first, this article is completely false fiction! Second, all the adverse consequences resulting in this article after the fiction is borne by the author! Third, I reserve the right to pursue this matter by legal means!" (Shen) Lang Ping: the next big goal of the women’s volleyball team in Tokyo Olympic Games相关的主题文章: