Large enterprises to undertake more environmental

Large enterprises to take more responsibility for environmental protection 29, the National People’s Congress Standing Committee for the first time to consider the draft environmental protection law, which represents a concern of the environmental tax has finally surfaced. Draft proposal to the existing sewage charges to environmental taxes, the provisions of taxable pollutants, including atmospheric pollutants, water pollutants, solid waste and noise". Environmental protection tax is not levied on ordinary residents, motor vehicles and other emissions of taxable pollutants will be exempt from tax, tax standards to the current sewage charges for the lower limit, you can float upward. This is put forward in the third Plenary Session of the 18th CPC Central Committee, the implementation of the statutory tax principles, the first draft of the draft law submitted to the NPC Standing Committee for consideration. Strengthen the rigid constraints, to play the role of tax on environmental protection, the community has long been a consensus. Since 1979, the implementation of the collection of sewage charges system, although gradually raise the standard charge, the collection is also more stringent, but too much flexibility, randomness too strong. As the local charges, sewage charges easy to encounter some local administrative intervention, the reduction of sewage charges as a bargaining chip to attract foreign investment, in some places only a symbolic sewage charges on the local taxation important large, resulting in the sewage fee can not play its due role. From the current situation, environmental tax legislation can be described as the time. The "three high" industries and enterprises, has always been the difficulty of environmental protection, the key is the environmental tax levy. In the past, extensive development based on the concept of strict constraints "sewage behavior high enterprises, there are all kinds of obstacles to increase pollution control efforts. This year, the focus of the supply side reform task is to go to a three drop one supplement, these industries ranked first place. Timely introduction of environmental protection tax law, can play the role of assists to promote those low profit, high pollution, high energy consuming industries to improve industrial concentration, the initiative to upgrade. Of course, in the case of corporate tax burden is too high, the introduction of environmental taxes, but also to consider whether there will be an increase in the burden on enterprises, resulting in a further decline in investment side effects. Lou Jiwei, Minister of finance, said in a statement on the draft, the legislation is in accordance with the principle of tax transfer, the current sewage charges system to the environmental tax system transfer. "Translation" means that the environmental tax rate is not set for the purpose of tax increases. In addition, the environmental protection tax bill to take a fixed tax rate approach, the establishment of a variety of tax exemptions and concessions, can also be appropriate to raise the tax rate to form a hedge to ensure that the overall social tax burden will not rise. Environmental tax legislation has the potential to improve the market environment. Who who pollution control, sewage tax is the basic principle of environmental protection, this means that large companies can no longer rely on the local financial contribution rate of extrajudicial immunity, and must assume more environmental obligations. This is conducive to the development of different economies in an equal environment. From the legislation to the implementation of environmental protection tax, in many ways, the need for further consultations, discussions and even games. Such as how to realize the full tax basis collection, how to calculate the taxable pollutants, can not only safeguard the interests of society, and maintain the normal interests of industries and enterprises, strengthen the rigid management efforts on the sewage enterprises, and prevent excessive taxation tendencies etc.. These problems, some need legislation to solve, and some need to find the answer in the implementation process. But there is no doubt that environmental taxes.相关的主题文章: