Late at night! A week of Japanese animation audience vidalia

Late at night! Japan, a week to watch the animation broadcast in October will soon come, small partners are ready? Although the October has not yet come, but most of the July is not yet over, I do not know what small partners look at it every day? Recently, Japan’s ratings survey published on the website of the Kanto region last week animation ratings and want to know if you have some of the recent chase on the list? Come and see the penguin. The first "conch" Miss second "A dream" special program third "Chibi Maruko" Fourth "Sea King" fifth "Dragon Ball" super sixth "detective Conan" seventh "monster watch" Eighth "Ninth" reverse the referee "Japanese folk story" Tenth "elf treasure can dream XYZ" "circle of 2" from the state’s list of Netizens found that night animation basic The whole army was wiped out. As well as the "conch" Miss "Duo A dream" "Chibi Maruko" such children to animations, only some of the traditional strong fan. It is worth noting that this year’s April work, "reverse the referee," also on the list. "Reverse the referee" is about being involved in strange events of the Commission will be subject to legal sanctions. The hero rookie lawyer Wright dragon, in order to clear the suspicion that they stand up. Although before the new result is not too ideal, but in October – and a strong hit, we can expect to see whether there is a dark horse in October can break into this list.相关的主题文章: