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Lenovo and Fujitsu personal computer department as soon as this end of the month will be announced in the Sohu of science and technology [Technews] for the day before the science news foreign media pointed out that Japan’s personal computer maker Fujitsu (Fujitsu) plan for the poor performance of the personal computer business department, the sale or merger way, by the world’s largest personal computer manufacturer China Lenovo Group to manage. The day before and the Japanese media reported that Lenovo and Fujitsu two companies currently have plans to enter the negotiation stage. Moreover, the plan is expected to be supported by the Japan policy investment bank. Therefore, both sides will be expected to reach a final agreement before the end of this month. According to reports, the two companies according to the plan proposed two options, one is the two plan to set up a joint venture company dominated by Lenovo enterprise, then Fujitsu computer business into the joint venture. Scheme two, is from Chinese Lenovo to Fujitsu’s personal computer business investment of more than 50% of the amount of capital, then the transfer of equity and personnel, China Lenovo Group officially took over the management and operation. The report further said that in 2011, Lenovo Group and the Japanese electric (NEC) joint venture to set up the company, then wanted to further in Japan’s PC market grab the first place. 2015, Lenovo NEC’s personal computer market share of up to 26.3%. If the association can successfully acquire second shares of Fujitsu (16.7%), Lenovo Group will take over the market share of more than 40% of the PC market in japan. The main reason that Lenovo active layout, the British "Financial Times" pointed out that Lenovo is the hope that by mergers and acquisitions to further expand the scale of production, to reduce the cost. However, Lenovo’s products to achieve the market share of Japan’s first goal, I am afraid there is pressure to overcome. Because of this, originally occupied by local enterprises in the Japanese market, now surrendering China manufacturers, analysts also pointed out that this will be the first to provoke the Japanese and the sense of crisis. Moreover, such a case of corporate mergers, but also after the approval of the Japanese regulatory unit. Therefore, Lenovo is actively seeking to ease the Japanese side of Lenovo’s Chinese background and a sense of crisis to carry out. Among them, including cooperation with the Japan policy investment bank, in addition to the use of the bank’s capital and business to promote mergers and acquisitions, but also with the Japanese government policy to reduce its opposition to the government’s investment banking background. In addition, the popularity of mobile devices, making the Japanese domestic personal computer market is shrinking, and add China from vendors and the challenge of Taiwan, Fujitsu personal computer sector losses in 2015 has more than 10 billion yen (about 650 million yuan). So, before Fujitsu had considered with another computer maker Toshiba (Toshiba) cooperation, but failed to reach an agreement. Therefore, the growth in the non core business Lenovo acquisition of Fujitsu, plus the use of endorsement of Japan’s policy of investment bank, in favor of Fujitsu is expected to adjust the business, the premise of layout innovation business, it should not hinder too. (the first.相关的主题文章: