Li Hongzhong took over the full moon Tianjin District 16 to 13 (Figure)

Li Hongzhong took over the full moon: Tianjin District 16 to 13 (Figure) original title: Li Hongzhong took office "full moon" keywords Tianjin North news: from September 13th, north to Tianjin stepped in to today, party secretary Li Hongzhong took over the full moon "". September 13th, the city of Tianjin held a meeting of leading cadres, the central government announced the decision on the adjustment of the main leaders of the Tianjin meeting, research, visits, condolences…… Full load is not the official activities on the saddle, the city’s 16 District in 13 have left the new secretary of the figure. From the "fire" and "rudder", to "the Haihe River" full horsepower, Xiaobian found in combs, a powerful engine is the general secretary Xi Jinping on the work of Tianjin’s "focus on improving the quality and efficiency of development, efforts to protect and improve people’s livelihood" to strengthen and improve the Party’s leadership "" on the three "an important requirement is the Beijing Tianjin Hebei coordinated development of major national strategy and resolutely implemented in Tianjin, is the central government’s decision to deploy in Tianjin, air plant blossoms; the course is to change the political, political conduct, loyalty led Germany, and highly consistent with the Party Central Committee; the fundamental guarantee is to adhere to the leadership of the party overall, strengthen the construction of the party, strictly administering the party. Here, Xiaobian to "three focus", "development" and "people’s livelihood" and "party building" as the key link to the "Keywords" Hongzhong secretary, together with the review of the month Hongzhong footprint and everyone. The development history of keywords — window period; grand strategy, big angle, when do event; synergy; iron and iron, iron core, gauge historic window period – September 13th, the Tianjin municipal Party committee secretary Li Hongzhong as soon as he appeared, at the meeting of leading cadres of the city of Tianjin in the development of the "historic window period". After repeatedly mentioned: September 14th Hongzhong secretary, standing committee of municipal Party committee to study and implement the general secretary of the important instructions on the work of Tianjin spirit in communication; Mid Autumn Festival holiday visit is the municipal old comrades; September 18th in the Binhai New Area of research in September 24th in Wuqing district; investigation; in September 27th the Standing Committee of municipal Party committee to carry out the "two a" special education the discussion in Beijing in September 28th; and Guo Jinlong and other leaders of Beijing forum October 12th in Baodi District in the investigation…… In September 30th, Li Hongzhong Wang Dongfeng, the research of the city planning work with Hongzhong secretary’s speech, Xiao Bian think "behind the historic window of the high frequency words, there are several meanings: first, this is the day when Tianjin and Austria, is richly endowed by nature geographical advantages, and the national strategy of" a gilded signboard ", in the development of the history of the city is unprecedented; second, the" window "may not have been so open, the transient opportunities, such as treasure, lost no longer; third, the" window period "," not only is the size of the window period ", is" quality window period ", to improve the quality and efficiency of development is" solve ", pie" expansion "below. In a word, to seize this historic window period, Tianjin to great trust of the Party Central Committee, for the overall situation of the country bear should bear the responsibility, make contribution to play, should do should be to do. The big strategic thing to do what is lavish when supporting collaborative strategies refer to? Coordinated development of Beijing, tianjin. This)相关的主题文章: