Li Sheng starred in great expectations about drift small game entertainment stories –

Li Sheng starred in "great expectations" about "drift" small game story – Sohu   entertainment; "great expectations" match fixing as Sohu floret entertainment news (since November 8th, Zhuang Xiuwen) optical media force in Beijing held the theme of "the light load dream, strategic force cloth manufacturing", light force Deng Zhaohui, chairman of the media art director Rao Hui, Jie Huiqing and other star partner management appeared one by one. And released include "Adam and Eve", "great expectations", the little match girl "," male "," minus 196 degrees "can’t sleep together," Hey, many from the media, TV and film projects. In the press conference, announced the TV series project, the great expectations of the game and Adam and eve. The "great expectations" is the season flowers by Rao Hui producer and screenwriter, directed by Li Sheng and Wei Qianxiang dew, starring, it tells the story of an ordinary North drift girl game floret growth story and emotion occupation. In the film, by the light and light media team and director Sun Hao cooperation can not sleep, get up, is the focus of the company’s projects this year. In addition, the preparation of the film and television projects as well as the "big male and female", "bar code girl", "new boyfriend" and other works.   相关的主题文章: