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Li Xiaobin: Seedorf with a team by the Shenzhen evening news joint fundraising dinner Shenzhen care action community foundation, Baidu Nuomi, Shenzhen City Hotel Industry Association jointly sponsored the "Mediterranean anemia children" donations "love red cloth" eat a range of international. At noon on September 9th, a generation of international football superstar, the incumbent Shenzhen Kaisa coach Seedorf long and heavy, wore a black suit, wearing a black tie, and Shenzhen care action community foundation Secretary General Peng Yina to join in, Henderson Center opened the fine cuisine of Chaozhou Jiamei hin a special dinner.   attend the dinner and the deep foot club general manager of media public relations department Hu Liming, French foreign aid Elton, Cameroon foreign aid Abu, as well as 4 domestic players Xu Liang, Li Fei, Ren Peng, Geng Xiaoshun. 10 evening, deep enough to play against the Zhejiang Yi Teng team in the league, but in order to support the red wallpaper, the team is preparing to squeeze out the time in a tense love. Eat can do good, a Jersey is full of love   you are our idol." Peng ina opening to let Seedorf play the iconic white teeth. As the only one of 4 as the main help 3 teams won the trophy superstar, Seedorf captured the majority of "Milan fans" and "Holland fans" of the heart.   "this public action is designed to raise money for children with thalassemia. Thalassemia children need to rely on continuous blood transfusion or find a suitable bone marrow, in order to maintain the young life." Hear here, Seedorf immediately put away the smile. As the European Union anti discrimination and support diversity ambassador, FIFA anti discrimination award jury members, Seedorf has been spared no effort to public welfare undertakings. Love red tablecloth news release, deep enough to initiate the initiative, Seedorf also put forward the first time to eliminate difficulties, with the players to participate. The child is hope, do public service is my idea."   a team Signed Jersey, concentrated in Shenzhen Kaisa Thalassanemia concern for the team. Peng Yina to the deep foot coach team, during the event, people in Shenzhen with a "love red cloth" of the dining table, the meals will be donated directly into the Shenzhen care action community foundation, Shenzhen evening love fund love thalassemia children "fuel action" project, has more than and 150 dining hall to participate in. The head of France, Elton, who had been so sad, suddenly looked up and said, "I want to donate."!"   Peng Yina "Care Foundation love Star" plaque donated Seedorf, and sent to the moon cakes, wish deep enough to play better, the team and the family healthy and happy. Seedorf said she had a snack from Chinese food, Chinese lineage   Jiamei Xuan is Kaisa’s veteran Shenzhen Chaozhou cuisine restaurant chef, master Lin for the deep foot introduced Chaozhou cuisine features and cultural heritage. There are strict regulations on the team, this table is not pork and pork, while the players can not eat seafood before the game, the table full of exquisite dishes, but there are a lot of players in the forbidden area". Cameroon foreign aid Abu, who has been in China for many years, shook his head and jumped out of his teammates相关的主题文章: