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Liaoning province held a meeting of warning education profoundly canvassing bribery case lessons – Beijing deep draw lessons to purify and create a favorable political environment the warning education conference held in Shenyang President Li Xi Chen Qiufa presided over the reporter Liu Ligang reported a case as a warning, alarm bells ringing, as a warning for the future, by analogy, jizhuoyangqing, right. September 20th, the province’s warning education conference held in Shenyang. The meeting summed up seriously, the painful lessons of profound reflection of Liaoning canvassing bribery case, for the whole province to carry out the warning education of comprehensive arrangements. Provincial Party Secretary, the provincial people’s Congress Chairman Li Xi attended the meeting and delivered a speech, the provincial Party committee, governor Chen Qiufa presided over the meeting, the provincial CPPCC Chairman Liu attended the meeting. Deputy Secretary of the provincial Party committee attended the meeting. Provincial Party committee, the provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Secretary Chen Xiaojiang convey the spirit of the central. The meeting was held in Liaoning in recent years, the highest level, the largest one important meeting, the meeting opened more than two hours. The meeting was held in the form of a teleconference. Provincial Committee, provincial people’s Congress, the provincial government, the provincial CPPCC leadership team responsible comrades in the party, the president of the provincial court, the provincial Procuratorate, provincial ministries, provincial units responsible comrades in the Party leadership, provincial universities, large enterprises, the main party responsible comrades a total of more than 600 people attended the meeting in the main hall. City, county (city, district) Party committee, government, National People’s Congress and CPPCC leadership in the party responsible comrades, France seized two long, Party members and county departments in the leading group responsible comrades, a total of more than 3000 people attended the meeting venue. Li Xi pointed out in his speech, Liaoning canvassing bribery case was investigated since the establishment of the China occurred at the provincial level, a serious violation of Party discipline, serious violations of political discipline and political discipline, a serious violation of discipline and discipline, serious damage to major cases, National People’s Congress election system, of the people’s Congress System in China is the challenge to the socialist democratic political challenge is to state law and Party discipline challenges, touched the bottom line and characteristics of the socialist system China Communist Party line Chinese. Especially Wang Min, Su Hongzhang, Wang Yang, Zheng Yuzhuo, et al. The severe loss of the doings, party spirit principle, a complete departure from the purpose of the party, causing huge losses to the party and the people’s cause, serious impact on Liaoning’s political ecology and external image. The serious nature of the case, shocking, alarming, serious damage to the Liaoning provide much material for thought, political ecology and political environment can not be underestimated, the harm caused by economic and social development of Liaoning and the construction of cadre team should not be underestimated, the province’s cadres and the masses psychological impact and harm should not be underestimated. Li Xi pointed out that, in accordance with the law to investigate and deal with the Liaoning canvassing bribery case, fully embodies the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as general secretary of the firm to promote attitude strictly, fully comprehensive rule of law and resolve, safeguard the people’s Congress system of authority and dignity, safeguard the authority of Party discipline and dignity, deep cadres the majority of Party members and the people’s support and support. Provincial Party organizations at all levels and the majority of Party members and cadres to further enhance political awareness, overall awareness,.相关的主题文章: