Lin Chiling Bobo, head of hair becomes sweet Bobbi said to have Doraemon entertainment Sohu demonophobia

Lin Chiling BOBO, head of hair becomes sweet Bobbi said to have A Doraemon –   entertainment Sohu; Sohu Lin Chiling entertainment news this week, produced by the Oriental TV variety star straddling fashion "my new clothes" (the original "goddess’s new clothes", season third) ushered in the two dimension theme. After trying to shop girl, the daughter of the sea, wild explosive head, elegant queen and many other shapes, the temperament of the goddess Lin Chiling to cater to the theme turned short hair BOBO head Bobbi, super fashion beauty to suffocation. In the face of the two dimensional fashion theme, the temperament of the goddess Lin Chiling will stage into the magic elements, create a super sense of Psychedelic airborne curious about. In order to present a more perfect work, Lin Chiling teamed up with partner Li Wei added a lot of playful designer in the clothing part, girl heart bursting; while the goddess’s fashion show also create new styles: first half full of magic, the magician will change the living model pulls onto the stage, give a person full of dazzling experience, which is the magician put the trick, a helicopter directly on the stage, the goddess Lin Chiling in the airplane elegant and sit. Such a special way of playing also let other goddess envy, Wu Xin is amazing to the ear. Short hair BOBO head, black dress, the goddess like the beautiful Bobbi, and the sweet smile of the more than the addition of a lot of this point to the Bobbi of the. With the "love me you do" music, the snow on the stage slowly and falling, romantic aestheticism, Su can not go to like. The perfect interpretation of the goddess also let the audience turned fans fans. Even the host Lin also greatly: really good, a very strong visual impact! As the popularity of the goddess is very high, Lin Chiling this week, partner champion designer Li Wei, two people together to join the natural beauty of the United states. The goddess also said he also want to have a universal A dream in the stage, the bamboo dragonfly, any door goddess is very hungry. Looks like a fairy tale. Since so many fairy tale elements, I do not know what will be the goddess’s new clothes works show? A buyer can also be the goddess of the work in the bag? Please look forward to this Saturday at 10 pm Eastern TV "my new clothes", see Lin Chiling Bobbi feast.相关的主题文章: