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Liu Jianhong: after playing football for the most China Qatar is not Lippi Sohu sports in Beijing the evening of November 15th, the 2018 World Cup qualifiers 12 strong Asian tournament to start the fifth round of group matches, China national soccer team in Kunming 0-0 draw against Qatar, coach Lippi led the national football debut failed to get the first win 12 match, but positive changes in the belt to be reflected in China team established obvious advantages in the competition, Wu Xi and Zheng Zhijun had hit the opponent’s goal frame. From the commentary of Liu Jianhong said in an interview: today’s game is very regret not winning, Chinese team had a very good chance not to score, but eventually intelligent to say, this is the China football "life", from this sentence of Chinese football can feel helpless and ardent hope. But as Chinese football commentator and football China love him, perhaps today’s game let him see a glimmer of hope, and also said the game thanks to the arrival of Lippi, his arrival does give China brings change, no matter from the condition of the players or players to play the game, said today is the most normal level China. Then, when it comes to actually China football should be most grateful is not Lippi (there is no mean that Lippi is not good, also not talk to Chinese) what the development goal, but Xu Genbao Xu guide, he trained a generation of outstanding talent, such as Wu Lei, Jiang Zhipeng, Yan Junling and Cai Huikang, these players did not play Xu Genbao, is quietly doing nothing for the national team transporting a large number of outstanding players, playing for china. Finally, he said Chinese soccer owe too much, don’t shout slogans in the target program above, we should do down-to-earth, to cultivate excellent football players, such China football have a better future.相关的主题文章: