Liuzhou public security video surveillance in the forefront of the region will be global coverage kairui

Liuzhou public security video surveillance in the forefront of the region will be global coverage Southland today reported Liucheng news (reporter Zhong Hua) yesterday morning, in Liucheng County Liu sugar Road Post House, staring at the screen of the X light screening machine staff suddenly found a package box hidden in the gun shaped items, she immediately picked a suspicious package out. This is a demonstration of the work of the Liuzhou municipal public security prevention and control system at the scene of the meeting, was seized by the X light security machine is a plastic toy gun. Strict express acceptance inspection in the field of sugar Willow Road Post demonstration, postal staff not only through security machine found contraband, they also opened the package through visual inspection, found a pair of scissors, a lighter, suspected drug white powder does not permit the delivery of the goods. In addition, for the use of identity card delivery package, is also the staff refused to receive and send. Express parcel delivery, must be 100% acceptance test, 100% acceptance, 100% name machine security. In the strict implementation of the "three 100%" standards, since June this year, Liucheng County, the county will be 9 express mails, all included in the comprehensive management of optic network video management system, process monitoring. Liucheng also requires all courier companies equipped with X light monitoring equipment. Currently, there are 3 companies X light security machine has been put into use, and the remaining 6 companies are in the configuration of the security machine. The village also installed video monitor in the Fengshan town of Liucheng County, the delegates visited the town of Fengshan, on the river village, Tang Tun into three level comprehensive management video monitoring system. In the video control room in the Tang Tun, local comprehensive management staff pressed the alarm button button alarm system, real-time video site immediately transferred to the Liucheng County Public Security Bureau 110 command center. The use of a key alarm, effectively shorten the response time of the emergency. Town, village, Tuen three video surveillance system, covering the jurisdiction of the important areas and sections. Liucheng County comprehensive management command center as the core platform for crime prevention and control, all levels of longitudinal video surveillance system into which any one can watch the primary monitor screen; horizontal admiral "Webgather", as the comprehensive management of public security, social network and network technology and other key industries express monitoring network access, real-time and dynamic interaction public security information. In the town of Fengshan on the river into the village pond village, set in 20 high-definition camera roads and other public areas, in resolving conflicts and protect the villagers villagers property security, play a role. Touched by the villagers, have installed monitoring probe family a total of 25, forming a video surveillance network in village full coverage. At the recent meeting of the national comprehensive management and peace building informatization work site to promote the meeting, Liuzhou city became one of the first 48 national public security video surveillance networking application demonstration pilot city construction. Liuzhou Municipal Committee, committee secretary Chen Hongning clear: by 2018, the city of Liuzhou to do public security video surveillance network construction and application of global coverage, network sharing, full time, full control available". Steadily enhance the safety of the masses as the peace building is one of important technical means, Liuzhou city has been.相关的主题文章: