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Live notice: October 16th 8:30 Sina live sports the Great Wall marathon sina sports live 2016 the Great Wall marathon is the world’s only named cultural landmark international marathon, a total length of 45.195 km, consisting of the 42.195 and the last 3 km road. The the Great Wall marathon is the IAAF Athletics Association AIMS and China official mutual certification of professional grade marathon, is apart from the Beijing marathon in Beijing, another international marathon race. Sina will run on October 16th 8:30 to 13:00, for your full live 2016 the Great Wall marathon! Please pay attention! [broadcast address]  [special address] today, to the end of the the Great Wall marathon, micro-blog with the topic # the Great Wall marathon event # participate in the discussion, attention and @ Sina @TheGreatWall running the Great Wall marathon, live in read users will get to the organizing committee sent PEAK run service, winning the audience for running Sina micro-blog official. Name phone address can be received by the the Great Wall Marathon Organizing Committee sent the prize! PEAK run service route: players ran 29 kilometers, a wave of purple lavender flowers greeted, in the autumn wind rustling flower is the nature of the players the best encouragement. Oriental Provence lavender manor, the players in the beauty of the flower, red 10000, Chaoyang dew on the petals and refraction, exudes a charming scenery resplendent with variegated coloration. A gust of wind blew with flowers, quivering dripping into the sea! Take the tent to see see Twilight dawn, a good time memory picture. The sunset and sky scattered light with large red, flowers, can only describe the shock! Silver, gold, purple, green and red is distinct, immeasurably vast difference. Let us enjoy the gift of nature to give us, wish all the long horse players run smoothly. Come on. Finally, ushered in the end of our the Mutianyu Great Wall. The towering the Great Wall deep in the mountains with lush green, our warriors long horse assembled in the the Great Wall, to declare the Great Wall marathon spirit and unyielding commitment. We’re here at the Great Wall, the Great Wall marathon. Here we are!! Wish all the players successfully complete their stage! The track: Malaysia. For a certain distance based Ma comrades from breathing to physical distribution also has certain requirements and skills, I believe it can run completely. The horse horse runners are our heroes, and I hope you can enjoy the sweat more, to ensure your health. After all, health is a blessing. I wish all the contestants in 2016 will be able to stick to it and get good results. Super horse end – the Mutianyu Great Wall相关的主题文章: