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Look at the face artifact will not become a nightmare? Original title: look face artifact will not become a nightmare? Author: jelly in 2012, because of a class of "hand split brick" video, Wei Xiaoyong became a popular teacher computer department of Sichuan University. Second years, because of class artifact invention "brush face punch", he once again into public view, almost become a "red net professor". Recently, the more than and 30 year old university teachers and the new tactics, he recorded the video lectures students, using facial recognition system to judge the students’ attention is distracted by analysis or expression, class or thinking all nap, nowhere to hide. China News Network (September 10th) is a scientific research project, which is called "deep learning based classroom behavior analysis model". This news came out, many people especially the students feel bad event in the future — skipping, distracted, sleeping, not a can’t run. Some people think that distracted students, not entirely to blame the students, the teacher speaks well, people focus on the following lectures. Open a camera to the students scan what. These concerns seem reasonable, but Wei teacher said, the development of this system, the purpose is not punch attendance, nor to treat students, but the development of face recognition technology, and analysis of interpersonal interaction between students. He even joked that if the system identifies someone sleeping in class, he would "talk down", not to disturb their sleepy fantasy. I also feel that this system is used to test the effectiveness of teaching, from the real put into use, but also overcome many technical and psychological barriers. Man is a complex animal, what do you mean what expressions represent, if it can truly reflect the heart, the brain is not necessarily 100% right, and we Chinese students were taught undemonstrativeness, what is the "true God" or "false" seriously, the difficulty is a bit too high. Even if one day the system developed, which schools can be introduced, that is, the play is not – – this school students, was to learn is acting ah! In front of the lens, want to have what facial expression, a second into the play. Since the purpose of this invention is not to kill the students from the real application, there is a long way to go, at this stage, I think it is the biggest role is in an interesting way, to attract students into a study, raise their interest in learning and spirit. However, science and technology or class or 10493, relative to the institutions of higher learning teaching, as the ultimate goal of excellence, is "" rather than "". Technology itself is charming, but especially for students of engineering students, what is the ultimate goal of thinking science and technology invention, the relation between learning and the meaning of life, this is a short board of science and education itself, the strengths of humanistic education. Results the best, the most eye-catching teaching means, can not guarantee the operation and development of these technologies must be pure, also can not guarantee the technical invention, is not used to place students unfavorable. But it’s hard to say. Wuhan Polytechnic Institute last year invested more than 600 yuan, the construction of a campus monitoring system Hao相关的主题文章: