Man as double wage fatigue car crashed into the cliff cliff power station (video)

Man is a "double pay car insurance fatigue driving power from a cliff in Yubei District Auto Parts Factory driver Sohn in order to earn double wages in National Day during 28 consecutive hours without rest, driving the truck to transport parts, the fatigue dozing truck fly up on the sidewalk, smashed the front suspension in high voltage substation. The air, almost falling off a cliff, a car crash. At 4 pm, Yubei branch Traffic and patrol police detachment Longxing brigade received a report that a traffic accident accident in Yubei District Xing Chun Zhenlong avenue. Police rushed to the scene and found a large truck hanging on a cliff fifty or sixty meters high, the first half of the two wheels have been suspended in the air, the front of the damaged severely, the body is crumbling. The truck from the carriageway channeling on the sidewalk, smashed a high-voltage transformer box, hanging in the cliff. Driving a truck driver is a young man, look tired, with dishevelled hair and a dirty face, although not injured, be frightened, voice trembled, his legs felt weak, has slumped on the ground. In order to avoid the occurrence of high fall vehicles and personnel shock after the secondary accident, the police immediately notify the Yubei District tube station staff to the scene, temporarily cut off the power supply, and contact the crane truck crane back on the road. After investigation, the truck driver called Sohn, Yubei District, a car parts factory employees, mainly responsible for auto parts to customers. National Day, inside and outside the city needs large amount of auto parts, truck transport company driver is not enough, will arrange drivers "3", do not stop the delivery of parts. National Day, many drivers do not want to work overtime, see Sohn is the usual double overtime, plus other subsidies, day and night lianzhouzhuan, every day can get hundreds or thousands of yuan income. To this end, he thought he was young, good energy, 24 hours without a break without a problem, and very few vehicles on the road at night, there will be no problem driving. Then, from October 1st began to take over zero, transporting parts continuously drive delivery, has not blink to drive delivery. Sleepy, with wet towel to wipe the face; tired, with Fengyoujing wiping his nose and temple; thirsty, crazy drink a few bottles of mineral water, he persisted for more than and 20 hours. However, continuous work without rest, so that the sun is really too tired, sore, head of chaos, I could hardly keep my eyes open. He is going to deliver the last car parts to Longxing Town, go home and have a good sleep. However, he is also the last disaster happened on the way of delivery. He drove the van had just filled with parts from the company running a few hundred meters, two one thousand pounds, tired eyes couldn’t open. He pulled himself face, pinched his thigh, desperately shaking his head, still can not restrain serious hit doze. Car to the Zhenlong Xing Chun Road, drove him imperceptibly asleep, also lost control of the vehicle. Then, in the truck speed, suddenly the truck like a runaway horse, rushed along the road, across the sidewalk, bang crash roadside substation box, suddenly rushed to the cliff. Fortunately, the truck hit the front right side of the substation, the impact of the loud noise and a strong shock, the sun will wake up from sleep, he realized that there was an accident, immediately stepped on the brakes, trucks stopped channeling, otherwise the door相关的主题文章: