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Manchester United losing streak Mourinho met the most difficult problem: Rooney and "wrestling" – Beijing – reporter Wei Ruotao made a three game losing streak, the Premiership giants Manchester United played in smooth water waves, Mourinho proudly into Old Trafford, encountered a strong blocking problem – the first and most difficult from the locker room. United lost to Waterford after the Mourinho personality anger, he began to openly criticize a few big players play poorly, no execution of their own design, including Lu Kexiao, who also can not touch the captain Rooney. This immediately triggered a great disturbance, the first is Mourinho and Mourinho’s two party fans began to play the slobber war, then the "sun" yesterday broke the news, because Mourinho criticized the players talk, has caused the United dressing room of Mu Shuai’s collective discontent, he is likely to lose players support. To make things worse, because of Rooney’s recent poor performance, Mourinho has hidden kill knife, in preparation for this weekend’s Manchester City game against Leicester, Rooney scored from the starting lineup. If so, Mourinho is undoubtedly to stir up a hornet ", because Rooney is Manchester United and England team captain, his Manchester United team in the starting position is unshakable, but with the increase of age, the 31 year old Rooney has peaked, in Mourinho’s tactical system, often can not keep up fast rhythm, lead to repeated loss of aircraft, Mourinho to Manchester United on track, it is necessary to solve the problem of Rooney. As everyone knows, in the Premier League, Manchester United are a club the most special place, this is not only the best record, the highest degree of international knowledge, more importantly, to build the team from the beginning to now, United generations with thick Dynasty Royal supreme power in the reign of Ferguson color, this is the most bright. In Mourinho before, either Moyers or Van Gaal, failed in the power game with the players, even fled. Mourinho faces the same challenge now, can he win? Mourinho and Rooney confrontation, representing the new and old two forces, but also represents a different tactical thinking. Rooney has a large number of loyal fans in Manchester United, but Mourinho’s arrival, but also brought many supporters. A survey of British fans launched the "mirror" days ago, 78% of fans think Rooney is not the first, this result is somewhat beyond all expectations. The Rooney diehard fans kuangpen, Mourinho this brave decision, still has many supporters. Some England football legend, most Mourinho stood on the side of. They believe that the Rooney peak period has passed, mkhitaryan can completely replace Rooney at Manchester United midfielder position. In England, the young rookie Ali has the ability to replace Rooney. This intense game winner against Manchester United in the upgrade, the future trend is very important.相关的主题文章: