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Mang Niu "jailbreak" drag around the branches of the high-speed traffic police to find the main guest oxherd (Figure) – Beijing police "oxherd" guest from the high-speed Yunnan network "in the big daddy, is not your cattle lost? Was picked up by the traffic police, the village loudspeakers broadcast several times, said to be looking for a big one small two cows owner! We heard the news that your cow, aren’t you going to Laoying toll station brought cattle." The day before, Yunnan Baoshan to the old man back home? The cattle, the traffic police on duty a thumbs up, winning thanks: thank the traffic police comrades, without your help, my cow is gone, but this is not a small house property!" The afternoon of September 17th, Baoshan traffic police detachment Baolong highway Traffic and patrol police brigade police patrol to hangrui speed (Laoying) near the road and found two cows on the highway leisurely "walk", in which a ox behind with branches, at this time, when the Mid Autumn Festival small holiday return peak, traffic is large. The two "casual visitor" seriously affect traffic safety, easily lead to accidents. See this case, police on duty immediately to the rear of the vehicle to make prompt, ahead of the vehicle deceleration lane to avoid, the police to keep the cows from the lane, eliminate hidden dangers. Mang Niu "jailbreak" drag around high speed around the branch police can not find the owner of the cow, had to walk to the side of the highway side of Petunia, is adjacent to the field work of the villagers asked who is lost cattle, and Lao Ying Cun "rural traffic safety big horn radio station announcer, asking them to help find cattle broadcasting master. Police walk more than three km away, on the way with mang cattle repeatedly "rivalry", the police finally cattle safely to the old toll station. Big Lao Ying Xiang Zhai Zi Cun, Baoshan City Longyang District in the old man 71 years old this year, the day will be home to the cows to the fields. Because of the hot weather, the old man looking for summer shade, cattle tied to the tree, when the sleepy old man to sleep, but cattle broke the intolerable heat, the branches run on the highway. Due to the old man anxious when the villagers heard the broadcast to tell him the good news. In the old man said that the future will look after the family’s cattle, while the villagers around the publicity of traffic safety, traffic police will no longer bother. Reporter Yang Zhihui photography, Zhang Li, Yang Yang相关的主题文章: