Master Gu Jingzhou’s exclusive 36 in pot. yezimei

Master Gu Jingzhou’s exclusive 36 in 1, identification of purplesand pot Cheats: first to understand the artist’s way, a person has a gimmick. Genuine and fake products often control; second mud color; third see antique pattern, what a thing a stamp. 2, Ming teapot no stamp, is carved his name. 3, the early Qing Dynasty pot stream is a big eye. A few fine eyes at the age of late. With the use of folk tea has a relationship. In 1983 4, Gu Jingzhou partridge teapot teapot Qianlong table decoration pen is slightly raised, will adjust the good mud heap slowly draw out. The mud must be studied as well as the ink, and then painted with a brush, where the lack of processing. 5, Chen Mingyuan was born in the death of Emperor Qianlong of Kangxi, is technically a great man. 6, purple gold paint what is seen in the Qianlong later. Gu Jingzhou set 7, plus color rilievi and jade teapot Qianlong period style. 8, purple gold bamboo type tire trace pot, for the period of the Taiping Heavenly kingdom. 9, the proportion of arenaceous clay determines the number of fetal color. The three foot high waist line handle pot set from 20 to 30s 10, when Mr. Gu et al had a number of purple imitation in Shanghai, have not signed. 11, Nanjing, Yangzhou and Shanghai each have a large bin pot genuine, is unearthed, the style and color of mud are the same, can be seen in the Ming Dynasty teapot style, thick mud tire. 12, the Qing Dynasty "perseverance hall" a Purple Plum Blossom verse pot for fake products. The bottom of the pot, "Jiang Zhenxiang", Jiang Zhenxiang is inconsistent with the people in the late Qing Dynasty Guangxu Dynasty, "perseverance hall" in paragraph. Gu Jingzhou three line coffee 13, saw a lot of Chen Mansheng pot carved poems, at the end of paragraph most fragrance "Oman Tuo room", did not write "Chen Mansheng system", should pay attention to this. 14, the ancient people made the pot money, head to handle prefix, suffix. 15, "the Xuantong year lunar New Year" a teapot, pot handle tail respectively "life" and "Yu Lin", "Dean" and "East" and "Shou Jen" signature. These people are in people. Dean and big brother is a brother, surnamed fan, the family made pots. Gu Jingzhou eleven head hoop pot 16, four red sand Jiaqing small pot is authentic. 17, "Songhe Xuan" paragraph teapot, for the period of the Republic of China works. "Songhe Xuan" is the name of a shop in Shanghai. This pot is called "water" lettering, howling Yao Shouquan. 18, "Huang Yulin" a purple root type pot is genuine, as the late Qing Dynasty Guangxu. Gu Jingzhou has said, "all 19 orchid pot Shao Youlan" with a drawer verse teapot, is genuine, clear light. 20, "Shao Yuanxiang" a purple mushroom pot. Shao Yuanxiang is the late Ming and early Qing Dynasty people. This pot is a huge shape, rough mud, with the Ming Dynasty style. But the pot body text for the back of the moment. Who is the master of the garden is not clear. 21, "Yang Pengnian" a gold teapot landscape. Yang Pengnian is Jiaqing and daoguang. This pot is authentic, mud color than the standard, and make the process of fetal mud, has Yang Pengnian Potter style. Gu jing.相关的主题文章: