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To master these methods, don’t worry about the children do not love reading is my mother – Sohu overseas education group Ma Carol for more than and 10 years English picture book promotion, parent-child reading practice here and 100 thousand mother exchange enlightenment experience if you have your own voice and words to embrace the child, he can grow in warm and vivid words. Because accompany the child to read, the exchange of rich language between parents, is a family’s greatest wealth. The study found that American children psychologist — Matsui, parents and kids, more dialogue, especially to tell stories to children, can be a good training children’s thinking ability. Children who tell stories are better after they grow up. So, how can parents tell stories to play a good effect? 01 repeat a story more than a few times, after a brief summary of the children to analyze the story and characters, to teach children to learn the story of dialogue. With the help of the parents, the children were able to retell the whole story. 02 take turns telling parents talk of a child, after a lively, see who. Remember: as long as the children speak well, should be more encouragement, so as to improve children’s self-confidence and ability to express. 03 then Syria by parents telling a story, let the children to continue the development of the story. Each story is not necessarily limited to the outcome of the author’s design. Parents can assume several outcomes, to guide children to open their minds to play the imagination of space. 04 for when you tell a story to the children, let the children according to the story, the character of the action, the quality of the good or bad, etc.. This can cultivate children’s ability to judge, to achieve their own education purpose. More than 05 questions in the storytelling process, such as the problem, can be set to a specific condition, let the children try to solve: if the school did not take the umbrella rain, how to do? How did the ball fall into the ditch? What should you do when your parents are not home? These help to improve the ability of children to solve things, mobilize children’s imagination, exercise expanded thinking. 06 children often show the most expressive, always want their actions, words by their parents praise. Parents often guide children through dialogue, action and expression to reproduce the story. Encourage regular performances, learning in the game, the children happy, the effect is also large. Storytelling is the most natural way to communicate with parents, help parents to observe the child’s interests, to guide their children to grow, the child’s language and logic skills. Feel useful mother quickly collect it! Map network editor – THE END – Mao mother team focusing on gross Ma Carol WeChat platform: maomcarol | warm parenting experience | classic songs | original rhymes English more than 1 thousand and 200 story books, children’s songs to listen to audio free hair mother Carol litchi FM frequency: 427583 [share] when you will have the value of the information transfer!相关的主题文章: