Media said the FA Cup to achieve gorgeous counter attack from chicken to chicken ribs – Beijing-cashmere mafia

Media said the FA Cup to achieve gorgeous counter attack: from the development to the new network in the chicken – chicken ribs from chicken chicken ribs to the FA Cup after years of Wen Zhouzhou, the FA Cup can finally take off the hat chicken ribs. Chinese FA Cup history can be traced back to 1956 organized by the national football championship, but once a year the China FA Cup has gradually become a football tournament China chicken ribs, because the degree of concern, and the team champion value attention degree is not high, the FA Cup was a training ground for the majority of teams, players not only rarely even substitute appearances, also lost interest in the game, which also led to the tournament was discontinued 4. After the two revolution broke out again in 2011, the FA Cup has suddenly become xiangbobo, one of the reasons is the FA Cup champion can pass through AFC Champions League, it also gives the best chance in the top team in the Asian Games, Tianjin TEDA, Guangzhou Hengda, Guizhou and Shandong Luneng, Jiangsu sainty had so benefit. Secondly, it is the FA Cup in 2014 — and the FA Cup team from 48 rose to 64, including 16 Super League teams, 16 in a team, 12 teams in Serie B team and 20 grassroots team, has a broad base, the FA Cup is more and more fans pay attention to. Last night’s FA Cup semi-final second leg, the Guangzhou derby and Shanghai Yangtze River Delta Derby, the two games the attention greatly exceeded the simultaneous two super game. AFC Champions League places called big players, get together tens of thousands of people in attendance, tens of millions of money…… All of this, let the FA Cup final farewell to the chicken ribs, achieve gorgeous counter attack.相关的主题文章: