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Men are more likely than women to have cancer in men than women are more likely to get cancer recently, the movie "go to hell! You hit "tumor. For a time, I – tumor Jun (following the first person method of writing), has become a hot word of concern. I know, in the world of man, I’m not welcome, it’s terrible". Thought of here, I always feel sad, because you don’t really understand me, I do not know is not so desperate. Today, I’ll tell you what I really am! The truth is that 21% of people are likely to have cancer in their lives. Let me explain to you: the National Cancer Registry in 2011 monitoring data show that China’s new cancer cases 3 million 370 thousand, equivalent to about 6.4 people per minute suffering from cancer. Cancer is a disease of age, the greater the age, the higher the risk of being wrapped up. Experts have found that if a person’s risk of developing cancer every year, according to the average life expectancy of 74 years of age, each Chinese life, the probability of suffering from cancer is about 21%. At present, China’s per capita life expectancy has increased, Beijing residents are as high as 81.81 years old, so the chance of suffering from cancer in his life will be higher. Therefore, do not think I am far away from you. If you let down in the prevention, I would stare on you. Truth two: men are more likely than women to get cancer. Compared with women, men have higher morbidity and mortality. The National Cancer Registry data in 2011 showed that the incidence of cancer mortality in men and women was 1 million 948 thousand and 810, respectively, at the rate of 1 million 168 thousand and 110. Cancer is "patriarchal" because: firstly, male congenitally deficient in physiology "". Male and female sex chromosomes are different, more importantly, there are significant differences in hormone levels, the risk of cancer is lower than that of men; secondly, the male lifestyle". Overall, men are not a healthy lifestyle more, they also love smoking and drinking, entertainment and more, but less pressure to resolve, it may provoke cancer body". Truth three: people over the age of 40 increased significantly. According to the National Cancer Registry in 2011 monitoring data, 0 to 39 years of age, the incidence of malignant tumors at a low level, after the age of 40 rose significantly, to reach the peak of the age group of 80 years. Mortality, men and women in the age group of 45 years of age, the age of more than 50 years began to increase significantly. But this does not mean that young people can ignore me, I favor people over the age of 40, because that would cause the risk factors I appear, such as smoking, obesity and other bad habits are formed when young, year after year accumulated, eventually lead to cancer occurrence. So, I advise you that one, bad habits must be changed in time. Truth four: cancer will give people the opportunity to reverse". Each of the human body has the characteristics of cancer cells with abnormal cells, but most will be destroyed by the body’s immune system, the vast majority will not grow into cancer cells. If cancer)相关的主题文章: