Men spend 156 yuan to buy 40 thousand yuan stolen moon cake was arrested on suspicion of theft of el hypersnap-dx

Men spend 156 yuan to buy 40 thousand yuan moon cake stolen electronic ticket on suspicion of theft arrest the newspaper news (reporter correspondent Fu Jingyi Tao for Wu Qian) Mid Autumn Festival on the eve of self written script "brush" grab the moon event fired by the Alibaba caused the network hot four technicians. A similar thing happened in Wuhan, a young man zoumou the use of network free coupons integral exchange procedures rewrite rules, against the theft of a chain store cake moon cake coupons 312, worth 45900 yuan. Recently, Zou was arrested for theft in Jianghan District People’s Procuratorate approved the arrest. This year the Mid Autumn Festival, for customer feedback, a car beauty and maintenance service platform "car baby" in cooperation with the domestic famous cake shop, launched redeem moon cake activities in its WeChat sales platform. In August 8th, the company’s technical staff to maintain the micro signal, found during August 4th to 8, a WeChat user frequently traded 312 pen through the "baby car redeem coupons", and the exchange rate has also been modified, with only 312 points on the baby car worth 45900 yuan to buy moon cake coupons. According to an integral market price of 0.5 yuan conversion, the user only spent $156 will get a total value of more than 40 thousand yuan of electronic coupons, baby car company’s actual loss of RMB 45744 yuan. The company was warning. For the illegal operation of clients is zou. Zoumou, male, 27 years old, college educated, Jiangxi Fuzhou people, no occupation. According zoumou account, he has long been concerned about Che Baobao’s public number, in April this year, he found that the number of public data exchange is not encrypted, "I can intercept the public number data, and then modify the software, and then sent back to the public, in order to achieve the purpose of free gift coupons." The exchange must use special integral, Zou spent 300 yuan to buy a car with 600 integral baby card; mobile phone number in order to avoid exposure, he is still a network connection code on the platform to obtain a temporary mobile phone number, to assist in receiving the verification code. Everything is ready, August 4th to 8, Zou use software and card points, modify the exchange rate, to 1 points for 100 yuan or 200 yuan moon cake coupons, 5 consecutive days out of a total of 45900 yuan of convertible securities. Get coupons, Zou immediately in 58 city, second-hand idle fish, pride and other trading sites posting on the cheap to sell, in order to cash. According to Zou confessed, "a total of 4 individual purchase, is through the network connection. After a good appointment, take them to different stores to take moon cake, they pay cash, sold a total of more than ten thousand yuan, are used for peacetime consumption." August 17th, Zou wants to send a box of moon cakes to friends, please help each other to sell moon cake coupons to a cake shop near East Lake delivery. Zoumou using the stolen electronic ticket records quickly by the police was informed that 11 o’clock that night, the police arrested him at the subway exit, Zou confessed to the crime on their own. "Zou has stolen electronic coupons to steal anonymous and do not report the loss of negotiable certificate of payment." The contractor prosecutor explained, "Zou to the illegal possession for the purpose of secret theft"相关的主题文章: