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Men spend about 1000000 to buy a suite of   the two time to check in with what refused? – Real Estate – People’s original title: men spend about 1000000 to buy a suite of two to do with the two refused to stay? Mr. Zhang invested 1 million yuan in Shenyang Chengda Digital Plaza two to buy two houses, in April this year in the notice. However, when Mr. Zhang is ready for occupancy in May, and was temporarily unable to stay informed. After several fruitless negotiations, Mr. Zhang told the Shenyang Evening News Hotline 96009-1 reflect their experience. On Friday, the Shenyang evening news, Shenyang network reporter contacted the development of the unit sales of Ms. yang. Ms. Yang said: "there may be a misunderstanding, Mr. Zhang can check in." But on the morning of August 29th, Mr. Zhang is ready to apply for admission to the notice of the development unit, temporarily unable to stay". This Mr. Zhang completely confused, the development unit in the end want to do? Wonder: hand occupancy notice was banned in September 2015, Mr. Zhang bought peace Wencui Road District No. 2 Shenyang Chengda Digital Plaza two two house of more than and 40 square meters, a total payment of about 1000000 yuan. Mr. Zhang explained to reporters: "the two house is a bit special, is the top Zhangfang development unit to the building unit, because the development unit construction unit of the project. However, I was signed with the development of commercial housing sales contracts." Yesterday, the reporter saw the sale of commercial housing contract and the development of a formal invoice issued by the unit. The reporter saw in the contract, the seller is built into the Shenyang Real Estate Development Co. ltd.. In April 30th this year, Mr. Zhang received the development unit and the joint development of the property company issued a notice. In May this year, Zhang took the relevant formalities, ready to apply for admission, was suddenly unable to stay informed. Turn for the better: the development of the unit is a misunderstanding of the reporter Zhang said: at that time is not allowed to stay, I did not worry too much. But until June, I once again asked that the development unit and the construction unit between the dispute, still unable to check in." Mr Cheung said: "although I am from the hands of the construction unit to buy the house, but my purchase contract is signed with the development unit, as well as the development of formal invoices, why not?" Zhang learned that the purchase of the property owners have more than and 100 occupancy. On Friday, Mr. Zhang told reporters about her concerns, the reporter contacted the Shenyang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. to build the sales department, Ms. yang. Ms. Yang listened to the reporter’s story, said: we have never let Mr. Zhang ah, you can tell mr.." Ms. Yang further explained: there may be misunderstanding in communication." Ms. Yang will be back to Mr. Zhang, Mr. Zhang is very happy, although a few months later, finally can stay." Check and change: the owners again rejected yesterday morning, Mr. Zhang came to the development unit, when he is filling in the "owners check book", Ms. Yang suddenly told him: "the leadership decision, you still)相关的主题文章: