Men’s credit card is not from the body was stolen 8000 yuan to buy tickets in Beijing

Men’s credit card is not from the body was stolen 8000 yuan in Beijing to buy tickets (reporter Shi Wei) fraudulent use of the money is to buy a ticket, why not directly check the people who buy tickets?" Yesterday, Mr. Wu for his stolen brush 8000 yuan of money or brood on. Mr. Wu, he organized a Minsheng Bank 10 years ago, the credit card used to pay, in addition to the usual drops taxi fare, other consumer rarely, "August 7th 5 pm, received three messages, said my credit card three times the expenditure of 8000 yuan. I thought it was a scam. Then suddenly black screen mobile phone, how to restart will not work, but also no such thing." Mr. Wu said, the morning of the second day, he asked the other telephone to the Minsheng Bank customer service, whether the $8000 credit card information, the other responded that there are really three credit card, a total of about 8000 yuan, in Beijing to buy a ticket. Mr. Wu immediately told his credit card stolen brush, the request to freeze the account, but also requires the detection of fraudulent purchase ticket information. The bank asked me to call the police, after the police wrote a note that they have accepted the report, I came back and other news." Mr. Wu said, until 17 this month, the bank customer service staff to call him, said that after investigation, after Mr. Wu’s credit card payment, buy tickets have smooth tickets, and use the ticket, temporarily unable to find tickets and flight information. Bank customer service said the cost can only be borne by me, but also suggested that I call again." Mr. Wu said he was the police again, but so far no progress. At the same time, Mr. Wu also received the Minsheng Bank reminders. "I can not take the card personal password, others do not know, how the stolen brush? Since the money is used to buy tickets, tickets are real name system, why can not find out who brush my card to buy tickets?" Yesterday, the Wuhan evening news reporter and Mr. Wu together call Minsheng Bank credit card center customer service phone, asked the relevant circumstances, the person said, Mr. Wu will reflect the situation to deal with personnel records, the special investigation clearly will be communicated with Mr. wu.相关的主题文章: