Mianyang, a resident room was immersed in sewage in January nearly did not solve the problem (Figure antik

January has not been sewage soaking in Mianyang to resolve the matter a resident room (Figure) today, who lives in Bruce international city to live in Mianyang Ms. (micro-blog) claimed that, in September 27th, the main floor sewage water pipes blocked, anti surge, Ms. Du home from the kitchen to the bedroom, living room, the balcony is full of sewage Global Times the. "When I opened the door that moment, the whole people are broken, the whole house is ruined." Ms. Du said, at that time, property management reflects the situation, but nearly a month without coordination to resolve the matter. At present, Ms. Du family is set in the accident, who should bear the losses? Ms. Consulting’s lawyer said that if the sewer blockage is caused by the unreasonable design, so developers need to take responsibility for rectification; if not a design problem, but the property company did not timely dredging or existing water upstairs tenants do not pay much attention to the situation, so the cost of the property or the need to clear the upstairs residents of collective responsibility. Ms. Du phone call to the developers Sichuan Longdu Industrial Co. Ltd Project Deputy General Chun Biao, he believes that the property management negligence, therefore the responsibility in property. The attitude of the property side believes that the main reason for the accident is that the original design of the underground water pipes caused unreasonable, so they will not be liable for damages. In addition, the property side said that after the accident has been sent in a timely manner 3 cleaning staff to help Ms. Du clean up the sewage, but also sent a survey of the main water pipeline, which is all they can do. In the face of the two party is Speechless Naidu mutually making excuses, she said, if it will take legal consultation fails, means to safeguard their own rights. (Intern: Li Danni) editor’s note: the video has nothing to do with the original text, only to expand the reading area of the toilet pipes to modify the women’s homes soaked in manure相关的主题文章: