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Then the mid autumn reunion festival in the health status of Sohu – Chinese heart of the Mid Autumn Festival after the Spring Festival reunion should because, since ancient times, people think, make people warm. Now the fast pace of life makes busy a normal thing, but don’t forget the reunion"! Please go home to see their parents they don’t need expensive gifts do not need too many words for you cannot go back, call it pulled a homemade, send a photo to let the parents know that everything was all right please spend time with the children the children suddenly grow up each stage has the unique beauty and cherish them the intimate moments! Perhaps they are stubborn, disobedient, but from the clear eyes, you will see that full of love please cherish all meet friends in life encounter that the fate of a sincere heart to heart, time is slipping away mid autumn full moon night once again reminded of the words danyuanrenchangjiu, partings! Happy holidays to my friends! To adhere to the honor in the first doctor friends! Admire people相关的主题文章: