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Mirai Shida Dragon Star cool wedding dress appeared to talk about marriage Sina entertainment news according to Japanese media reported Modelpress September 12th, actress Mirai Shida and actor Long Xingliang attended two starred in the movie "the crying baby clown wedding ceremony" the complete disclosure was, they wore in wedding costumes, Mirai Shida wore a white wedding dress, wearing a white Dragon Star cool dress, two people also talk about marriage, Mirai Shida hopes to host Japanese wedding wedding, looking forward to himself on more than ever beautiful. Mirai Shida, who was wearing a wedding dress, said: "I feel like I’m going to announce that I’m married." "I want to tell you that I’m married." For both the appearance of the Dragon Star cool feelings, praised Mirai Shida is more beautiful than ever, Mirai Shida praised the Dragon Star cool is good, what to wear. For the concept of marriage, the Dragon Star cool said: "of course I want to get married, but will not get married soon, probably about forty years old." The audience address him too late, the Dragon Star Liang said: "that soon thirty years old?" Mirai Shida said: I have a strong desire to marry, previously said he would like to get married at the age of twenty-three." The audience said early, the twenty-three year old Mirai Shida said: "it is 25 years old, also will not estimate node, said the 78 year old married, I want to wear Japanese dress ceremony." The film "love cry ghost clown wedding ceremony" based on a true story, bring about the touching story between her husband Yang clown hero Jianai artist beauty of laughter and after suffering from serious illness for everyone. Attended the event as well as actress Niki Yuuko, director of the royal law repair, the film will be released in Japan in September 24th. (Brit) (commissioning editor: maiko) statement: sina.com.cn exclusive articles, the prohibition of unauthorized reprint.相关的主题文章: