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Small Business If you have an increasing number of dropshipping .plaints against you and cannot figure out the reason why, mis-selling is most likely to be a probable cause. Many dropshippers have found out in the recent past that the sales pressure they were putting on their staff is damaging their very own reputations. To prevent this from happening to your .pany, it is advisable that you understand what mis-selling is and how it ultimately leads to dropshipping .plaints. What Is Mis-Selling? Simply put, mis-selling is making unrealistic .mitments to the customer while making the sale. This usually happens because employees want to make the sale at any cost. They exaggerate what they know customers cannot verify before making the purchase. The idea is to make the offer look way better than the .petition artificially. Dropshipping being a .petitive business, real .petitive advantage is hard to develop, but sales staff may just fake it to get the customers to your .pany. The Effect of Mis-Selling on Customer Evaluation: Now, you may say that, as long as they are getting customers to my .pany, I dont really care. This attitude can be very harmful in the long run. The moment you find out that there has been mis-selling, you must make efforts to correct it and prevent it from happening again. This will save you a lot of negative dropshipping reviews and being blacklisted as dropshipping scams as well. What is more important is the way a customer reacts after a case of mis-selling. Customers will leave your organization faster than they came to it. Within a few interactions, they will know that the promises your sales staff made to them are not going to be fulfilled. They will just leave your organization and spread bad feedback about it if there are no exit costs for them. However, if there are exit costs for them, they will file dropshipping .plaints and lawsuits to recover them. How Mis-Selling Can Ruin a Business Here is a closer look at how mis-selling can lead to an ever-increasing number of dropshipping .plaints. You Set Unrealistic Expectations: The sales staff clearly engages in bragging. However, because you have a good reputation in dropship forums, they believe you. But at the same time, they start expecting unrealistic results from you. The sales staff may get some incentives, and you may get some customers in the short run. Customer Plans On The Basis Of Unrealistic Expectations: As dropshipping is largely a B2B operation, there are others who plan their business based on those unrealistic expectations. Your mis-selling implicitly causes your retailers to mis-sell. You Fail To Deliver, Creating Negative Impressions: It is no surprise that you fail to deliver. The retailer has to bear the brunt, losing customers and business along the way. This creates a negative impression, which finds its way as dropshipping .plaints to the Inter. forums. In the end, your sales staff and you will lose credibility, and it will be extremely difficult to get customers as they dont believe you. Be careful and prevent this from happening. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: