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Mobile broadcast originator Meerkat fall: the social networking giant backyard is not involved in the Meerkat founder of sina technology announced the failure of Zheng Jun from the bottom of the U.S. Silicon Valley Mobile Live martyrs Meerkat finally down, this is not surprising. In the past six months, Meerkat has been marked by the Silicon Valley dying label. In this year’s global live off the waves, the waves are gradually being forgotten, quietly step by step to become martyrs". Feisibuke Meerkat in Silicon Valley’s eyes, Meerkat it is inevitable. Although there have been thriving, much attention in the spring, but when Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and other giants have entered the field of Meerkat broadcast time, directly from falling into the late autumn spring. In the subsequent time, the application of the start-up company behind the Life On Air in San Francisco is constantly looking for a way out. In fact, the founder and CEO Lubin (Ben Rubin) as early as March of this year has been sentenced to death in advance of the Meerkat, announced that no longer continue to invest in this application, and the research and development of energy into a new product. While the current frame time by Lubin Twitter Meerkat the first half of the sentence is still feeling down, the second half of the sentence will turn to their new products — video group chat application Houseparty. Video chat application Houseparty tepid just this, and not too many technical barriers, to avoid the big edge products and warm? Once the video group chat market needs to be verified, Facebook, Snap almost accessible directly into the field. And Houseparty seems to have lost the original Meerkat dongfeng. Market research firm App Annie data show that Houseparty released two weeks, Download ranking always tepid, ranked in the Android Play store more than 100 social class and iOS social class of more than 30, and no social products released early growth dividend. If the Meerkat review process from rise to decline, perhaps can more clearly see a trend: the social field, and even the entire business ecosystem, have gradually become a giant enclosure for games, start-up companies even medium-sized companies are gradually tightening space. Meerkat spring is in the southwest of the early March last year South Art festival. Like this event before holding red Twitter, Foursquare, Secret and other applications, just on the line Meerkat also with this platform quickly won the attention of the media and users of all ages. In the eyes of the outside world, it seems to see another rising star of entrepreneurship, saw the field of Instagram. It is precisely because the night of the Meerkat burst red, the country began to appear like a live broadcast. In just two weeks.相关的主题文章: