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Moon cake evolved from the cake? When the Ming Dynasty into the mid autumn festival food – the Mid Autumn Festival is coming, in previous years, five Ren moon cake Tucao, perhaps this year will reheat it. Moon cake in the significance of the Mid Autumn Festival, no less than dumplings in the Dragon Boat festival. So in our country, moon cake in the end what kind of historical heritage? The Mid Autumn Festival is not an official holiday although the traditional festival of the Chinese mid autumn festival began in the Zhou Dynasty, but in the Tang and Song dynasties before, from the government to the people, only the festival or the custom of the full moon, and no specific to the form of the Mid Autumn Festival holiday fixed. Earlier rumors of two claims, said the mid autumn festival began in the Tang Dynasty, another that began in the Song Dynasty, two is the most common is "according to the records of King Ji": "in August fifteen for the Mid Autumn Festival, the following offer three mirror and dew disc." But the new and old Tang and song Shili of "Ji" are not the king, saying, if the Mid Autumn Festival is an official holiday, how will the Tang and song history are not mentioned? But "Tang will record" and Qianqiu Festival "in Ming Dynasty", it is similar with the Mid Autumn Festival season. ? seventeen years, Prime Minister Zhang said in August 5th for "please" Qianqiu festival to celebrate the forty-five birthday of Tang Xuanzong. This flowery ass, won the emperor. Since then, Xuanzong became the birthday celebrations Qianqiu Festival, and here just mentioned "this month only four words mid autumn". Tianbao seven years, was renamed the Tianchang Qianqiu festival festival, the festival also went to Japan at the Nara times and the Meiji era, the emperor’s birthday is called Tianchang Festival until 1948, was renamed as the birth of the emperor. After the outbreak of the rebellion, Tianchang Festival linger for a while, was finally repealed, after a year of "Wei Zhong", people often spontaneously recall represents datangshengshi a day. In the memory, it is each ordinary people can feel the flourishing downtown. So some people think that the Qianqiu festival was abolished after the folk began to fill the gap with the mid autumn festival. But be sure, at least during the Tang Dynasty the Mid Autumn Festival is not an official holiday, even the Mid Autumn Festival to celebrate the folk custom, the effect is far from the Tang Dynasty and the official "Yiwenleiju" literature in historical records, "lantern, Dragon Boat Festival and other festivals compared. "Past life" moon cake evolved from the cake? After the popular two cakes and about the Tang Dynasty legend, one is about the Tang emperor Li Yuan and his ministers to celebrate the Mid Autumn Festival, Tibetan merchants offered occasional Hu cake, pointing to the emperor of the full moon in the sky, "Hu cake should be invited to Toad", and then the princes were eating cake. Another legend is similar, for the character. Tang Xuanzong and Yang Hu is to eat moon cake, the name of Xuanzong suspected of Hu cake is not good, the imperial concubine is casually said a more beautiful name "moon cakes". But since the Tang Dynasty, the Mid Autumn Festival is not a decent holiday, and where will the moon cake will eat mooncake derived when? Moreover, Hu cake this stuff, this is the Tang Dynasty’s daily food, summer, autumn and winter are eaten, with the Mid Autumn Festival does not matter. To say that Chinese cakes, there are several, soup cake is equivalent to us now Dough Drop and Assorted Vegetable Soup Zhengbing, as the name suggests, is steamed pasta, and Hu Bingze.相关的主题文章: