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Mosaic how to install? 8 steps! Mosaic tiles are a lot of personality seeking friends of a class of decoration materials, which can be used to write a small box to spell out a variety of patterns you want. So, how to install mosaic? Here, Xiaobian to tell you about the installation of mosaic method. Mosaic how to install? The 8 step is to teach you (pictures from the network)? 1, to ensure the correct direction of stainless steel grain. Otherwise, metal mosaic will show refraction. ? 2, the installation must be clean, smooth. ? 3, with the straight edge of the gray knife adhesive. It is best not to exceed 15 square feet at a time. ? 4, with a serrated knife knife. Downward pressure, so that the cutter tooth contact surface to ensure uniform thickness of the adhesive. 5, let the metal mosaic and installation surface bonding for 24 hours. ?? 6, with professional sealant curing for 15 minutes. ?? 7, clean metal mosaic, remove stains. ? 8, to the metal mosaic surface spray a thin layer of transparent varnish (in all the building materials store can buy). The above is the installation of the mosaic method, I hope you can play their own powerful imagination, designed a unique decoration effect oh! — — — — — — — –相关的主题文章: