My face released 2 main Posters Released in October 28th

"My face" released 2 main Posters Released in October 28th "my face" 2 main posters Sina entertainment news horror film "my face" recently released 2 main posters, bloody, bizarre texture images show the film thriller trait. It is reported that the film "my face 2" by the first half of 2013 horror movie box office champion "my face" behind the scenes featuring the original cast, directed by the famous director Zhao Xiaoxi again, "classical beauty" Zhao Huixian, "the strength will play" Tian Jia starring Hu Rui, Chen Ye, famous stars Xue Wenjun, Wang Danwei and others will be co starred in. In October 28th the national release. Strange reduction: to create wonders of film "bizarre ghost pillow pillow had a face 2" the release of the main posters, fully revealing the true horror film, strange texture. In the poster, Zhao Huixian captured the demon, the mouth bled, look extremely uncomfortable. With a team of writers behind the solid skill and professional technical team play, the movie "my face 2" keep a thriller "my face" works of horror, suspense and drama tone, more delicate, more whirling thriller scale. "My face 2" by a painting perspective, mainly about art connoisseur Wu Xitian ten years was a nightmare, finally in the company of friends, she decided to go to a mountain villa to find the truth there is a nightmare, but suffered a series of strange events. "My face 2" collection of fog quiet jungle, mountain villa, gloomy and cold dark night music box, suddenly smart mysterious woman in red and other terrorist elements in a strange folk customs, reproduce, create a bizarre spectacle of ghostly pillow. Thriller reproduction: from folk legends is "real treacherous, my face 2" by the first half of 2013 horror movie box office champion "my face" featuring the original cast from the story behind the scenes, a comprehensive upgrade and vision, and strive to create a set of horror, suspense, adventure, emotion and other elements as one of the horror film. Director Zhao Xiaoxi said, "my face" series of stories inspired by the mystery Chinese "first ghost village" – door village supernatural events, the story is derived from the Chinese core inspiration for thousands of years, "do not leave the bed vacancy, beware of lying pillow ghost" folktales. The film with great visual impact pictures and moving emotion tension, the inner world of characters and interpretation of mining treacherous and mysterious China folk supernatural legends. "From the Chinese native folk supernatural mystery itself is infinite, we hope that through continuous mining can show our country own folk culture of horror to the audience." Horror movie "my face" in October 28th 2 National release. (commissioning editor: Ziggy)相关的主题文章: