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My family’s kiwi fruit has not been cooked for two weeks Sohu health to eat kiwi season, but…… Some people complain about not eating: in fact, kiwi is very delicious, but we will not eat. The chief invited fan teacher, taught you how to eat the best. – 1 – kiwi, have to pick hard to buy some fruit must be sold in a stiff state to sell, or soft rot can not transport. Most of the market is such a kiwi, buy a home, need ripening. Those due to collision and local soft fruit, often is a piece of soft taste of wine and even decay, the rest is still very hard and sour. So, the first step to pick Kiwi: you can not choose the soft kiwi. – 2 – kiwi, should be so chosen in the supermarket, the first hand to touch the whole body kiwi…… (don’t think!) In particular, the base and the head of the kiwi plump, indicating that it has grown to the largest. A lot of people are confused: why Kiwi buy back for two weeks are not soft…… Yes, this was all hard kiwi, in this autumn season, because the weather is cool, they often wait until wilted will not be cooked soft. This is because they need to receive a "mature" messenger to initiate the maturation process. And when they were picked out of the fruit tree in advance, they could not receive the messenger, and remained stiff. If bump, tissue injury can lead to early start mature fruit. Unfortunately, not cooked, microorganisms will breed in the wound activity result, kiwi has not changed soft sigh. What should I do then? Very simple, we can use other fruits produced by "mature messenger", to artificial ripening of kiwifruit! Ripe fruit produces its own "ethylene" gas, and the kiwi is exposed to enough ethylene to initiate the ripening process. – 3 – in "ripening kiwifruit was delicious, you can do this: buy home, take 2 days to finish the amount, and the aroma of ripe fruit (apple banana pear mango can be) placed in sealed plastic bags, simmer for 2 ~ 5 days at room temperature. Your ugly, understand the spirit of good…… ? two days can be separated by the bag, gently press the base of a fruit (pedicel part of a round scar). Feel slightly deformed, but not too soft, and hurried out, eat up just right. Put a day can be, but do not wait until very soft to take out, it is too ripe. The fruit is delicious, it is precisely grasp the maturity! If you do not eat in a timely manner, kiwi has become soft body, in fact, may not be rotten. As long as there is no smell, the same can eat, but the taste is greatly reduced. You can cut through the middle half, dig with a small spoon to eat, you can also use the spoon peeled, big mouth? Children do not like to eat fruit? ? – 4 – "batch ripening, delicious Kiwi peach would often continue Online相关的主题文章: