My nose is her ex husband with her daughter waiting for &quot in the basement; the rebirth of ”

My nose is her ex husband with her daughter waiting for " in the basement; the rebirth of " (in the eyes of his daughter, the young mother is her only rely on donations) channel (click) since August, the state house area small Qin became much discussion about adjacent "characters", how never thought she never graduated from primary school, he is now on TV and newspaper, but such "scenery" is the cause of a family tragedy, small Qin often recall, could not help but cry. The 18 year old Xiao Qin is already a mother of two children, and her husband married 3 years has been domestic violence, the court was ruling smoothly after divorce, thought liberation she did not expect such a family an unexpected tragedy — and he together with her husband of 3 years, rushed to divorce the house has a small Tan, riding a motorcycle crash injured his brother, then her husband Xiao Tang snapped small Qin nose. Small Qin did not want to talk about this as a "vampire" general husband, she just worried that only 6 month old daughter will not fear the mother has no nose. The 15 year old bride initially thought to find happiness in 2012, the village matchmaker "stare" quasi 15 year old little Tan, impatient matchmaker lobby, small Qin parents consented to the marriage. Subsequently, small Qin successfully married to the 21 year old boy with small Tang, no wedding, no marriage registration, two people hastily married, then, as the chef Xiao Tang to go out to work, want to quickly put the home building better. (small Qin every time have to wear masks, she was afraid of the people around her little finger) "I think I found happiness" in the beginning, the relationship between the two stable, small Qin has a lot of beautiful vision of the future. The following year, small Qin son. The thought that the birth of a son to her husband and his family to add a lot of joy, but after the birth of his son, Xiao Tang’s character began to change, the two often quarrel on the phone. "Once, he beat me, tied me up" small Qin said. At that time, small Qin desperation, small Qin’s father and grandfather very jealous, but then little Tang "to offer a humble apology", small Qin Jia Li to the family all guarantees and apologize, then, family and small Qin and choose to believe him again. This spring, a small Qin had had a daughter. But every little Tan to call her husband asked her husband to the point of child’s milk money are finally ended up with a quarrel. The birth of the child, did not let the family from then on to happiness, the relationship between the two is getting worse. Soon after, the small Qin courage in the state court of appeal in the town of divorce. Because of the existence of the factual marriage, the court finally ruled that two people "divorce", the eldest son to Tang raised daughter small Qin support. (after the event, the small Qin husband family has always had some verbal threats, small Qin did not dare to go home, and her daughter in a rented basement in the complete darkness) once said to take care of her life this bite off her nose "divorce", a small Qin brought her daughter back to her parents. The early morning of August 12th, "husband" small Qin Tang came to the small home. Small Qin said, "know little Tang" bad temper, to hide him from afar. Then the small Qin intend to own riding electric motorcycle, let oneself)相关的主题文章: