Nanny Christine Fan live wail I do take flight-ravbin

Nanny Christine Fan: I try to live wail with flying small heimburg and Christine Fan black couple photo small heimburg and Feifei Xiangxiang small heimburg family to talk about tears collapse Sina entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, the artist Chen Chien-chou [micro-blog] (black) and Christine Fan [micro-blog] (Christine Fan) married, fathered a pair of the twins "fly Xiangxiang", often share a family of 4 living in the social networking site, even the nanny "small heimburg" has become the offbeat Internet celebrity, and his 8 in the social networking site live open, small heimburg not only sing "out" opening, but also the camera tears collapse into tears. To the side of the small Le (Wu Sixian) reluctant to embrace. In 8, the black live in the film, small heimburg say journey with double tire brothers "fly Xiangxiang", from the beginning of the experience, to communicate with Christine Fan, black, and learn from, I love children, thanks to the black couple willing to give the opportunity, "I just the best of my ability to fly, take xiangxiang". Small heimburg said, in fact the family began to oppose her to help artists with children, but that their concept of childcare, so that even if not love children, help with child star, the pressure will still exist. Filial talking about her family, think of the father died of cancer, could not help tears down the face, the side of the small music also reached out to hug to comfort, showing a sensible and kind. Small heimburg used to be black and not scared, so unhappy, and Taiwanese said, "said". On the other hand, her face from his nanny, once into "Internet celebrity", said the beginning is not used, now used to view it. In the film, small heimburg to Feifei Xiangxiang, with his own shoe box "parking lot", want to let the children training hand eye coordination, praise is quite hard. In addition, she complies with black, in front of the camera to sing Eason Chan [micro-blog] "eliminated" the Divine Comedy, singing to sing half black, but by the netizen "black Kui, sing number will fall down, so black popularity to said," write two nice, or I hit (off live)!" The scene is very funny. Finally, small heimburg for all teachers, nanny refueling, said this line really hard, hope I can bring you joy and positive energy, let everyone have the power can continue to bring each a little friend, attracted many netizens praising the message, "small heimburg gas", "nanny is not really easy" good for you "". (commissioning editor: rice)相关的主题文章: